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Prince and Geisha: Radio Vipassana

Radio Vipassana

Day Five

Time to just walk nowhere to nowhere....

Peeling the onion layers:

Thoughts and physical pain, physical pain and then emotions.

The bottom part of my body is so's jello: my knees, my feet.

An incredible sexual urge is opening up. Can't keep this up much longer. I feel looser now after a good cry, but somewhat distant from the group. Constriction may set in at anytime.


Good! Good!

That feels better.


Now the sittings are becoming more interesting than the walkings and they're moving at a faster clip. That's a good sign.

I'm becoming more sensitive. I'm plunging deeper into the psychic geology.
More thoughts are flooding in.

My knees really hurt.


After fourth sitting, day five....

This vipassana machine is just generating wonders. I'm beginning to see patterns. The environment is all important. Yeah.

Yoga, bells, personal safety, proper temperature, silence, fruit, and a nice luxurious feeling all help a person to get into the necessary meditative groove for starting up the vipassana machine.

For different kinds of psychic voyages of different wave-lengths, fine-tuning is needed. Even a bastardized version of vipassana can generate a decent altered state of consciousness for even more creativity. Micro-seconds and samadhi are for the masters and real sunnyasins.

Time is now flying!

Too bad it took so much time to get into the groove. Ah, well. One just can't plunge into stuff, like this without experience.

No time for micro-moments. Some other time.

Ear-plugs and night-shades help the fine-tuning. Better fine-tuning, then more field penetration. Fields can be easily disrupted. This I learned at Esalen. That's how I consciously and unconsciously kept Puj's group hostage. " I " finally got personal attention when Puj got angry and told me to stay in my room for walks and show up for all the sittings or none at all.

My thoughts flowed better after I got rid of some emotional garbage. Yoga did it.

It's becoming a little embarrassing. I'm starting to read people's minds.
We're past the half-way mark now. Four more sittings to go. My knees are getting weak. That's probably why there's so much walking.

How the hell does one turn off the machine? It's like excavation gone wild.
Better meditate on that. Maybe a walk in the snow will help.

The mind does indeed act like a machine. I guess that's why consciousness is so much more organic. The deeper you go, the more murky and more erratic it gets. Mind as a silly robot going in circles within an irrational maelstrom.
Two different types of circular motion. One is static and repetitive. The other is organic and morphogenetic. Slow-down. Non-linear.


There goes the bell....up to the meditation room with the sunyassin seven.

I'm getting tired. The thought stream is lessening. I did see two weird things. The president is dead and the old man is a channel. Who's controlling the channel. Damned if I know. Some alien civilization, perhaps.

Speaking of Zazen. I can see why benches make a difference. My bench is too bulky. A new one, I found here is small and narrow. Just right for my legs.
They touch my heels more closely. This steadies me and improves my concentration. Why the hell is there an air humidifier in the room?

One more fucking sitting before dinner.

Stacking: about six major thought flows per meditation session. As one thought flow pops up, it gets coded and stacked in that order. Like airplanes waiting to land at an airport.

The components for a theory of creativity are indeed coming together: flow, incrementalism, and the vipassana machine's ability to make sense of it all.
I'm excited.

Systematization and commercialization of oriental nuero-science is in its infancy in America. All Third Wave organizations will demand oriental nuero-science in the future.

Info-mining is only the first step towards creative solutions of our collective problems. What is also needed is insight-synthesizing and this is done by mining the brain with vipassana machine. However, a human value-shift will be critical for vipassana to really make a difference. Beyond information of course.

The mind seems clearer now. Ideas are integrated. Now that the transition into vipassana has been finally achieved. I guess emotional blocks precluded this.


There goes the bell for din-din. Abs' gourmet veggievilles. A reality sandwich, anyone?

Walking in the snow.

Seventh sitting: My mind just got tired of itself and " I " decided to tune into the fireplace. I floated away and listened to my breathing. Whenever I did this, body pains became unmasked. In my toes, in my knees, behind my ears, suddenly a warm chill shot up my spine; and it felt absolutely delicious.
RADIO VIPASSANA was getting revved up for tuning into more subtle realms.

My roommate who talks in his sleep was tossing and turning all night. He finally left the room. Poor fellow. Probably can't handle returning to " reality. " I kept hearing voices inside my head:

" Discover yourself. Identify yourself. "

Gee, that's what I'm trying to do.

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