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Prince and Geisha: Esalen and Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson has intense blue eyes. The author of the " Illuminati Trilogy " began his discourse on recursive patterns last night. Finnegan's Wake is just another endless loop. Synchronicity, isomorphisms and coincidence seem to have an infinite structure. Our minds are a mirror of nature and just as nature recycles itself, so we recycle our symbols. Our minds belong to the ultimate field called the " no mind. "This no mind is even deeper than Jung's collective unconscious.

Strange loops seem to connect seemingly unconnected things on many levels at once. The " no mind " seems to infinitely recycle everything long enough to generate a field of its own. Our minds contribute the patterns and they in turn take a life of their own. Joyce tried to create a new language or reality tunnel in order to liberate both his mind and that of others. The Wake seems like random noise, but it has powerful patterns lying just underneath it.

We start with the waking ego, then go to the Freudian " unconscious, " then Jung's collective " unconscious " and finally the no mind. Every step downward into the no mind is reflected in Joyce's creative evolution. On and on we went into the wake. Robert talked about the Bell theorem of non-local causality. Connections were made through meaning, not energy. Causality maybe actually just a special case of synchronicity.

Two minds can communicate non-locally by side-stepping space-time. The non-local nature of the no mind allows this. In our dream states, that's when everything is possible. Language is a necessary crutch for humans. All we can do is be aware of this. Psychic mutations generate new mind patterns and they briefly liberate us, but life is nothing but a system of recursive patterns. Those who have accomplished anything in the spiritual realm know this and can often discover untapped potentials within themselves and humankind.

Goodbye space-time.

The ego is at the bottom of the consciousness pyramid.

Get comfortable with paradoxes and simply transcend them.


A pattern often has a lot of redundancy.

Some patterns have very high frequencies of redundancy.

When they get together, they generate a psychic field.

Fields are generated by an unfield where many potentialities exist.

Psychic fields can over-lap..

Fields can be arranged into meta-levels.

A meta-level represents a different set of fields.

Where do archetypes come from?

The human mind can only handle a fixed amount of patterns.

Psychic patterns have zero dimension.

New patterns often resemble noise.

Redundancy stabilizes patterns, but also ossifies them.

Patterns jump between meta-levels.

Pattern overload can cause an entropic flood inside a person's mind.

Information by definition is new.

Information can be the equivalent of noise.

Redundancy has a spectrum.

How much or how less of it is determined by frequency distributions.

The unfield is a type of cupboard of limitless potentialities.

Fields are actual expressions of a particular potential.

Bundles of rules reflect chosen patterns in an environment perceived and
selected by the human mind.

Fields can be internally restructured by re-arranging the rule bundles.

New patterns are then perceived by a new perception.

Rule bundle restructuring and field transformations are part of a perpetual
feedback process.

Inside cultures and individuals trapped in space-time.

Go beyond space-time and there is no trap at all.

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