Prince and Geisha

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Prince and Geisha: Japan


Past Musings within the Nipponese field

Fields are invisible topographical entities with curves, slopes, valleys and peaks. How does one psychically map one's way through them?

If cultural fields could be mapped.
Would these maps delineate
where networks of symbols
meet and conflict?

Maps are information about information.
Good maps would make a difference.
Between successful and unsuccessful
penetration of a culture.


Looking for a way out of the Semantic Middle Ages.
How would Columbus have navigated?

California to Japan: transfer between the fields. Got off
The airplane and onto the street....


Taoism espouses " optimal " individual development.
Confucianism espouses " optimal " collective organization.
East-West encounters created wild fluctuations: foreign inputs
pulled the cork from the Confucian regulatory bottle. Latent
human passions generated from this disturbance were expressed
by new forms of Asian violence: Red Guards, Kamikazes, and
Khmer Rouge....terratological morphogenesis.

In the west: Stalinism and Buchenwald displayed the terratological
manifestations of these poorly digested inputs from within and without.
Hiroshima is where eastern and western terratological developments finally
converged. The birth of a new field.

I left the American traveler and noticed a large pile of comics. MANGA. These little picture books are Japan's window to her collective heart of darkness. Violent forms of sado-masochism leap from the pages of manga. The plots are often razor-thin and merely formats for bizarre sex and criminal adventure.

School girls lift their skirts and show-off their private parts to each other.

A fashion beauty is drugged and then forced to participate in a lesbian sex escapade, only to be photographed and black-mailed. SUICIDE quickly follows.

Samurais decapitate one another in battle....

A female warrior duels the dreaded Ninja and gets a flying razor disc in the face....

I looked at the large piles of the stuff again. It was all somehow, highly addictive and strangely releasing....

You can go anywhere at anytime of day in Japan and not get hassled.

Manga or no manga.

I met Mr.Honda at the peace center. He told me most Japanese just want to forget about the whole thing. The new generation doesn't feel Nagasaki so strongly. It's all part of history now.

What is Nagasaki?

As you scratch beneath the surface, geologic time-bags of meaning abound.
layers and layers of it.

Bits of information....

Some of it is redundant. Some of it is still struggling to be so. Constant re-structuring and remolding of the psycho-sphere. Too much leads to Nagasaki?

Smashed to Eytoms, pooka-san....

Lot's of entropy here.

Redundancy WIPED OUT!

Smashed to eytoms..


" Do you takeresponsibility for your statement? "

smashed to....

" Doyoutakeresponsibilityforyourstatement? "


" Dotakeresfoeyousta..."




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