Prince and Geisha

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Prince and Geisha: Esalen and Rupert Sheldrake

It's all a matter of TUNING IN. That's Rupert's mantra.

Tune into the field.

The morphogenetic one.

Our brains are receiving devices.

Memory is stored outside the brain.

Everything that ever happened is AROUND you.

DNA is not the whole story.

Is formative causation?

Morphic resonance is the storage box.

For everything in the past-life of a species.

For everything in the past-life of a culture too.

Fields within fields..
Form generates a field.

Morpho-genesis is a tune-in phenomena.

Invisible fields " out there " have a memory which guides the development of all organisms.

All species simply tune into these ghostly memories.

Forms generate the fields beyond space-time through the process of morphic resonance.

Similar things influence similar things through an all-embracing memory which is collective and self-selective.

The resonance is an in-built memory.

A memory which evolves with time, but is not of it.

Genes do not have a monopoly on heredity.

MG-fields imply that a cosmic memory bank exists.

The vibes of extinct species are still around.

But nobody is tuning into them.

Possible cross-tuning between fields creates mutations.

Both angelic and monstrous kinds.

Tune into your ancestors, your past lives.

Tune-in and receive the signal..

An echo resonance feeds on the new forms and solidifies them.

The universe is a vast network of extended psychic fields.

Our minds are always tuning into it all.

Be careful and don't overload..

All signals come from an eternal realm where past, present, and future commingle.

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