Harvest of Gems - Four

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In Another Galaxy Cluster

Breaks are rarely, skillfully handled over skeleton boys. Never being clear about it. An anger reptile, sentient, almost becoming vengeful like a car wreck. It keeps dreaming this existence. Failure, anger, grief. An octopus death lingering to this day. Some kind of monster from another dimension. Bitter and guilty against his own kind of flesh. Tough chod just trembling and then shuddering for any release.


In Another Galaxy

Immersing himself in a stimulating environment. Meme's border bazzar. Sex in the White House. Diplomacy in the Bush years. Musical history, web creativity. Face the nation with Shakespeare. A few wicked ideas sixty miles from Wichita. Fun being fundamental, blissfully received.


In Another Solar System

Reality being irrelevant. This universe a thing of this dream. The Olympics have descended. Breakthroughs contradicting history. Penetrating flatness. Respect the newly born.


On Another Planet

Many swings to get a hit. Stimulation is needed. Being held prisoner in niggertown. Mapped and reflected upon. And then mapped once again. More stimulation. Such curious value. Total immersion like digging a ditch. Transported in aluminum. This gathering of stimulus. Seeing things from multiple angles. This planet news.

I called Netscape and they never got back to me. What jerks! This web stuff keeps me busy. I just bought a book about the web that is over a thousand pages long! Wow! It's crammed info heaven and I'm learning about the life cycle of information spaces. Does that sound a little too exotic? I'm serious. I mean every information space begins with its definition phase, with its private language. The population growth and critical mass is reached. Then LIFT-OFF! Saturation city..info pollution gets pretty bad and the demand for indexing too gets pretty intense. That's when the shakeout begins. Then the information space starts to get old and obsolete. There's just too much pollution for the spiders and trees. Well, the web is now in its saturation phase. It's the golden age of content! Ultimately, the web will die and branded content will have to migrate to alternative hypermedia systems. Don't be afraid. It just means another info ecology will take its place. So get used to it! The world will just have to redefine itself and so will we.

A man's voice-stone dead, yet somehow almost obscenely quickened for the occasion came shouting from the other end of the room: " You what? "

Another man lying on the floor propping himself up with his elbows, responded: " Yeah, Bongo. I let him have it. "
" You're fucking crazy! Do you realize what you've done? "
" No sweat, Bingo. No sweat. This guy's a real mother-fucker. I threw sixty mantras at this guy. Shit! I'm calling him the great white whale. He's wily, Bongo. First he attacked me in the throat and then in the nuts. Dude, this guy's powerful, but he's also kind of dorky. "
" So now do you believe me? "
" Yeah, it's a real problem, Bingo. He has a good understanding of time, but he has no shape. He's like a weird kind of blob. Almost like a cancer, if you don't finish him off completely, he just starts multiplying again. "
" What are you going to do? "
" Don't know. This one's a real bear. And you know. She came! I hit this guy so hard, it must have aroused her. I saw her face float in from the east and it was just hovering above me. But when she saw me looking at her, she just took off to the south. She maybe down in the peninsula. Dude, she was looking for you. "
" Well, at least now, I know I'm not crazy. "

At The Monastery

" It's still not settled, Dude. It's still coming out. I'm telling you. Dilgo, the big white hound's behind this. It's his baby. When you saw him in the dream, Bongo. I knew it was something heavy. " the older guy smiled knowingly, almost as it was an act. He paused a moment.
" The Kalachakra, Bingo. It's the driving force behind this. It's like a time-tunnel to some kind of pureland. It's so cool! "
" What now? " the younger man asked.
" It's like a kid, Dude. Just let it get born. It's a manual about how knowingness generates wisdom. You know, and it's like this gray mass seems to be originating from some black-hole. And it's not white yet. It's still peaking, Bongo. "
" You're losing me. " the younger man muttered with a hint of growing irritation.
" Bingo, it's about ignorance and knowingness, and finally wisdom. They all arise out of the same spiral. " the older man was a reading a Tibetan text he retrieved out of the storage.
" We need verification, though Fishbrain. I mean is this the real thing? The fact that Dilgo's behind it gives me some confidence. But we have to be sure. Maybe we can even convert the blob.

The older man is talking to the younger man. He seems excited.
"I'm telling you, Dude. I love your writing! It's got this cool magical rhapsodic flavor to it. The multiplex view of your earlier stuff gives way to something deeper in your latest book. "
" Really, what? " asks the younger man.
" It's like there's no longer any story, Dude. It's just mind searching through itself now. Kind of feeling its potential and its own pressure. Pretty hairy, Bongo.
The older man pauses for a moment then continues:
" It's like you describe the mind experiencing its own seeking. You know what I mean? It's like this search for knowledge and wisdom ultimately has to lead to something bigger. It's like it has no choice, but to stumble into enlightenment Pretty cool, Dude. "
One more pause. Then,
" It's the narrative, Fishbrain! It's going to the core of the story and reflecting various aspects and experiences of mind. Shit, I wish..I could write like this, Bingo! I'm just to fuck'n lazy."

" Dude, I think he's tracked us down, " a voice trails off.
" Are you sure? " another voice answers from a distant corner.
" Yeah, Dude I had a dream about it. "

There is a deep chill in the air.

"It's strange you know. This while thing's got a strange E.T. feel about it. So does your babe and so does the black whale."
" What do you think it means? "

The other voice feels distant.

" I don't think it's just global chod anymore. This feels like galactic chod to me, Dude. And if it is.."

Another pause.

" The Buddha's been replaced by something hairy here, some kind of wrathful feminine principle, Dude. "

The voice stops for a moment.

" And its creative and destructive aspects fit pretty well here. But there seems to be more at stake. It's like some strong forces are at play. "
" What kind? " the other voice hesitatingly inquires.

There's a knock on the door. It opens. " Eat rice, " an alien voice booms into the ether.

" EERAI, eerai.."

The voice behind the door trails off.

" Yeah, Bings. It's us, them, and everything. It's the big, great turkey in the sky.."

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