Harvest of Gems - Four

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--Hey, Bongo. Ready to rock?

And be kind to the poor souls that cry.

--Whaddya think happened?

--Looks like she almost released ya. But got caught in a little shit.

--What kind of shit?

--Dunno. Bongo. She's hiding out with phony protectors.

Who make sadistic noises.

--Whaddya see?

--Something dark and hairy, but..

--But what?

--I dunno. It's like I just kinda realized..

--Yeah, realized what?

--Stockton is Stockton. Bingo.

To end the Cold war he was born.

--It's a place of mass animal slaughter, bongo.

--Shit! Like that Konopiste place!

--Yeah, Bongo. You're little pujas in Stock-town before and after you took off, kinda started clearing something heavy.

--Like what?

--I dunno, Bingo. Come on over and light the fire. Let's take a closer look.

He has no body.

Lama was the Little Kalu who died in retreat. Wrapped up in Bodgaya. Doing the great Samantrabhadra. So appropriate. Clearing the air. Great mom and dad yabyum as both puja and offering. Hark! Like konopiste. Mandalas for sale. Moving between two worlds in Calcutta. Loopholes to show. Sleeping Shiva on dancing Kali. The usual splash. More support here in Asia. It's the heavy chod zone for all Bengal. Pretty blissed out in Veranasi. The razor's edge kind of thing. Nepal is so nasty. Across the world for a wife! Refuge is found at Swayambhu castle. Chodding and churning. Release in the air. His family is clueless with a crocodile bite. Finding holy triads in Eurasia. Maneaters too. Doing yabyum with the heavies. Cocks and dakinis. Good prep for what's next. On the web, in the air. Whatever is best. She's plagued by habits of insecurity. Hush Morpheous! Flow..going inside. Nozzle to lips. Finding a further someone. Leaving tracks in the snow.

Down and out.

--It's the Eurasian and Sierran protectors, Dude.


--They're bumping into each other. It's hairy.

All the conflicts are coming to a head.

--She just ran off and you got hurt. But the chupa tour had to continue.

--Poor us!

--Poor all!

She still feels close though.

--Dude, when primate self asserts, pure presence is disturbed.


--You gotta choose the aspects of the flux out front.


--But, you gotta take care not to be disturbed by it.

Always finding refuge in presence.

--The only way to understand this is to hang out with the heavies. They are the embodiment of this presence, Bingo.

And there's different gurus with different their teachings for different beings.

--you don't need a plan to participate in the beyond, Dude.

--Why not?

--Cuz it isn't involved in possession.


--You just act spontaneously.

The chupa artist chose the energy seed of choice and just built a mountain out of it.

--You choose the seed by going in, Bongo.

--And you express it by going out?

--Yeah, Dude.

It was him again. What a horrible nausea. The nuts under attack at Felton. A Brazilian Nakpa threw oil on a fire. The Chupa looked at the mountains. They were the Santa Cruz kind slipping off their clothes somewhere beneath the clouds. The old Burmese monastery was deserted. A blonde girl was in the bathroom. She was all dressed in white and was roses and bonnets outside in El Paso. She seemed to be in a temporary trance. Something was ending. It was sweet. It was dense. It was now home.

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