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As I Looked Out the Window Dyingly

I looked out the window dyingly,
breathless so, and saw your sharp
limitless eyes, blue--darken with
this foolish infinity, that toyed with me,

your sweet ivory skin--was enough
for me, as it held up the strange
blacknesses of your angelic
breathes, which hugged me
with these moist richnesses,

your tall female frame extreme
reminded me of stormy Pacific winds,
which strapped down your happy
bare feet--like firm dreams that
whispered to me, the sad truth
that most informed us.

My Laptop Silently Sits

My laptop silently sits, black plastic,
blue cord, a gold wireless card has thus
been inserted, I hear the impure nations
tremble, I have now traded in my Honda
for a DELL, I can hear the sleepless
earth quake before her, the terminal
screen a wicked black, the pulse of the
sinister computer silent, for there is this
great light hidden away since the
beginning of creation, shattering the
eternally fallen, and touching those
revealed keys that are holy.

The Librarian

Defiant with blonde hairs, a keen musical arrangement of high cheek bones,
a red sweater covering her small breasts, the closest she ever got

to hearing the swift sounds in her head, she wears these golden ear-rings,
the shape of wings rising, she has hazel eyes, gray slacks that strut across

these book-filled halls, the sound of clicking heels, as they anciently
swing from distant Atlantis then, these sleek shiny, brown boots, a transfigurative

smile with white teeth, a quiet, sexy voice, " It's really nice,
the way you can find it, " then intense stares into the computer screen,

a wild and impossible highway, a gold locket hugging her exposed neck,
she touches her hair with a swift stroke worried, her fingers have pixie rings,

as they hand me a complete tome of Tennyson's poems, her gorgeous
butt, sinking quickly into this disciplined seat, keys clicking furiously,
" see you tommorow," she says then.

The Airport

A boarding pass and photo ID are now required
------ for passing
------------ the security checkpoints,
------------------------------------ go to the designated lines,
along with the nervous crowds,
----------------- and say a perverse goodbye as you punch your cell-phone,
------------------------------------------------- before that possible impact,

--------------------------the expected explosion should be visual from earth,

----------------------------------------- --------- peace be with you.

Bizzare Beauty

You are bizzare beauty, this most grave
wish-fulfilling gem, you come in saintly

black, with bare collar bones exposed,
wearing the distingushed smile, of a

concentrated ally, with a collected
necklace of oral pearls, forbidden

and a pure braclet of superior phoenix



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