Inside America: The Rise and Fall of An Empire

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No one really knew it back than but America had turned the corner. The majority of Americans no longer worked in farms or factories. Most Americans worked in offices and performed all kinds of office jobs. Less and less Americans grew the nation's foods and built the nation's automobiles. More and more young Americans were going on to higher institutions of learning and staying in school longer and longer. There was less of a hurry to start working and many young Americans took advantage of this opportunity to broaden their minds even more and look at their country with new eyes.

Also many other social groups in the country began demanding more wealth and rights. The African American community began to protest that they had been left behind in the race for more prosperity. White students began to help African Americans in their struggle for equal rights in the southern part of America. All this was seen on national television and it made many Americans feel uncomfortable. America was becoming more and more unstable as the Vietnam war brought out even more hard feelings against the American government.

The Ritchie family was not immune to the new energies being released in the nation.

Deborah watching the television: " Things are getting crazy. Why are so many people protesting about everything? "

Chad: " I wish I knew. The government has spent so much money on the poor, on new housing, and education. People are no longer grateful for anything. People do not want to work hard for anything anymore.

Mara starts to yell: " Well, the stupid war doesn't make any sense. Also who wants to have such a boring life going out to work and coming home like machines everyday. I want to listen to my music when and where I want to. Also all the chemicals in the food we are buying are not really safe. I don't want to die of some food illness when I'm young."

Deborah: " Why are you talking like this? We have given you everything you want."

Mara: " I think it's time we speak out exactly how we feel about things in life. I want to go out with who I want to when I want to.
Harvey: " Dad, can I also go out whenever I want to also? Please… "

Chad: " No champ. You're still in junior high school. Mara's finally going to college next year. "

Harvey: " Ah, gee Dad. That's not really fair. "

Deborah: " Harvey, can you go to your room? We would like to talk to Mara alone."

Harvey: " Ah, Dad….

Chad: " Look, Mara. I know things are changing fast nowadays in ways we don't really understand. But you need to listen to us sometimes. We do love you and we want only the best for you. "

Deborah: " Yes, dear listen to your father. "

Chad: " Look, Mara, I work in the computer industry and everything has a momentum of its own. If we simply fail to take the next step in what we do. We really waste all our earlier efforts. We have to have faith in the future even if we don't really know exactly where it's going most of the time. "

Mara: " That's just crap. We need to sometimes slow down and really see just where it is that we're going now. They don't really teach you that in school at all. "

Deborah: " Look, when I was your age, Mara I had to ask permission from my family to go out with your father before we were married. We couldn't really go too far about where we could go out to and how long we could stay out. " Now…"

Mara: " Now what? "

Deborah: " Now I'm even thinking of going out and getting a job. "

Mara: " Really, why? "

Deborah: " Because I want a little more challenge in my life. "

Mara: " That is so cool. It really is…."


Neat: Something very good.
Cool: Like neat, but much more modern.
Crap: Something bad or stupid

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