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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Dear Team:

I forgot to mention Joanna our Polish editor who has worked closely with Wieland. She is doing fine and is moving to Belgium soon with her husband who will be involved with the EU. Poland is joining the Euro enviornment. I have no photo of Joanna though.

Eric and I will be moving soon to a new residence in September and we are changing brokerage firms as we leave the spot currency markets for the option currency markets. I am an options specialist and this will hopefully speed the money process up--even if there is more risk involved.

Thank You for your patience.


Monday, September 29, 2003

Dear Team:

Here are some late photos of our new French editor Isabelle and our new translator/editor Mary from Brazil.

Isabelle came on board last year and lives in Australia. She is the only published novelist on the team and her work along with Cecile's recieved good praise with a French publisher that my French agent Christian found. The problem was lack of enough American sales which prompted the French publisher to decline this magnificant translation.

Mary came on board this year and had to fix up Rafa's translations which needed emergency surgery. Mary went on, along with her editor friend Savio to translate Forty Immutable Parables. The Brazilian team has now joined the Russians in completeing the entire trilogy. Actually they have done even better as they translated the second draft of Forty Immutable Parables which is better.

I wrote an article for the Brazilians to translate so that the Brazilian newspapers could publish it in a serialization of some of my work. Mary has been very much a fan of my work which has made working with her a great pleasure.

Dongwei is now translating a book I wrote about modern American history 1960-2003 which was commissoned for the Chinese market. It will be a bi-lingual book and we hope that sales from this project will help in the publishing of the Chinese translation of Harvest of Gems.

So you see much has been going on!

I still write poetry often and Mary has translated much of it into Portuguese.

Isabelle's photo unfortunately is in a TIF file. If many of you cannot open it I will send it to all of you soon in the form of a JPEG file.

Merci, Isabelle.....

Obrigado, Mary.

Thanks to you all!


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