Hidden Valley

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In the Castle

And we are finally now in you,
so you, now can finally be us,
and I can then be this I, and--
he can now really be here,

so she can now--finally be me,
as she always is in him,
whose they are this really
funny kind of them,

in this we which--can now
really be him, which was just
finally she in this me, and then--now
me, in this you,

like this we in an us--which
is finally just they, which is she,
in this me, while this he then,
is just finally this you.

so that we are just finally an us
of this thing, whose demons are
simply then, seemingly gloved--
just now in this we, which is just
you, in this terrible spring.


Here they are now, these
birds whose chirping silence

these ghostly crowds
which churn,

inside my
one and only true percieving eye.


can it really now be, are
you simply, this heavy paper weight

whose unseen plasticine mirrors,
now, are animating this face

or, can you now see silence,
and if you cannot

can you hear this new, precious
skin embellish

this space, where words seem
now to whisper

that, there is this emptiness
still between us


my darling, you are this budding
beauty whose ointment is oriental,

as you can see, my love-stricken
consciousness is inside, now your

white skin, where this darker sister,
blessed me with a newer fragrance,

a shadow, can you see how you,
now--annihilate me,

until there was no more of this
tightness as I pressed you.


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