Meet Ginger Smudge!

Ginger Smudge is the little green guy you see in the pictures on this web site. He is the creation of Michael Arthur Finberg, with artistic assistance from Heidi A. Green.
Ginger Smudge expresses abstract concepts with fun images and descriptions that appeal to children (adults like him too). Although he is strictly non-denominational, his philosopy is based on Tibetan Buddhist ideas about mind, consciousness, and the nature of existence. Kids from all over the world have been asked what they think of Ginger Smudge, and they all recommend him most highly.

In his first book, we meet Ginger Smudge in his bedroom, just as he is about to go to sleep. He tells us about the friendly and informative "dream things" who play with him, talk with him, and help him figure things out as he sleeps. Ginger Smudge's games and talks with his dream thing friends leave him feeling good about himself, the world, and the "big thing" who oversees it all. No nightmares for Ginger Smudge!

I'm the ORIGINAL Ginger Smudge!
This is Ginger Smudge as he was originally drawn by Michael Arthur Finberg.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a two-page, three-page, or four-page spread from Ginger Smudge's first book, It's Ginger Smudge.

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You will meet Ginger Smudge's dream thing pals, and unlock the mystery of the Bigthing!


I'm the DIGITAL Ginger Smudge!
This is Ginger Smudge in his digital style, drawn by Heidi A. Green.

blue   green   yellow    

  green   yellow  

Ginger Smudge is a citizen of the world! Here are some samples of his book in other languages. (Translations into more languages, including Hindi, will be available soon.)

Chinese - Czech - Dutch - French - German - Hebrew - Italian

Japanese - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish

Ginger Smudge is also available in multiple language pairs, like for example: Russian/English, Russian French, Chinese/English, Spanish/English, French/German, Italien/German ...

The development rights to Ginger Smudge include both his styles. Ginger Smudge is delighted to be a doll, an animated cartoon, a comic strip, a storybook character, the host of an interactive experience, or anything else. Ginger Smudge has also been registered with the Writers' Guild of America (WGA) in Los Angeles, CA.

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