Forty Immutable Parables

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The Parable of The Atlantic Planet: The view from GR 777-2TV

And it's early Spring in Victoria station and you know this is Bombay. It's India's New York and LA all rolled up into one and the people here carry guns; and Ily and I have only nine hundred Rupees left. That's less than twenty bucks, so the crunch has finally come, but will a miracle happen in Mumbai's dirty streets?

Bombay, you're just this big whore, you know. And you're just too damn fast, and you're fucking demands are just insane, Bombay, I mean really. How can I sing a holy litany now in your silly mood? You're filled to the brim with these Tamil migrants, and you're so noisy and also so damn expensive. You know, Bombay. I'm looking for any kind of insurance in this time of speedy confusion.

So, Bombay are you really part of the East or are you just now stuck in the West, come on just what really makes you tick; you're movies are sheer rubbish, so why do you take them so seriously, Bombay, I mean why are you always so filthy and poor; and also so goddamn fucking rich, OK Bombay, you're giving me this crazy headache. So why do you really envy the USA, and, you know Bombay, you've got these really clammy hands, and I don't think I like you that much; and you see, your coconuts cost ten Rupees here and the prices are fixed.

And why are your trains so scary? You know, people just hang out of them like silly monkeys, and do they know where they're really going Bombay? I once thought I did, but I really don't know now. You see, my words are turning into sour notes and these sour notes then become these strange symbols, and then the symbols seem to just get stuck in these really tight patterns. I mean, the speed and the amount of this change seems to have this weird kind of rhythm now, Bombay. You know, I'm just creating this new kind of hybrid literature that just fuses the inner and the outer. It's for these post-Beats and those post-Yuppies who are now just seeking a kind of global mindfulness.
You know, Bombay, the First Wave was like a slow adagio; and the Second Wave was like this jaunty allegro, but this Third Wave man, it's now just this insane presto. And you know the J-curves seem to be flattening out faster now and these stupid psychic booms and busts are really just too much. So is the fragile outer rim about to crash; I mean where is this mandala heading? Just where is this new Atlantis, Ilythia, do you know, I can see all the digital stuff; and these shifty networks may have been just psychic once. And I'm just using this literary kaleidiscope in order to see all the psychic flying accidents. So are we really going back to all this shit, Bombay, I mean, I just wanna level with you. Is that ok? I'm already near psychopathic, and I've been digging away at the Earth's new mind skin, and I'm seeing this very scary future in our past, you know, all these cars, they're just obsolete, Bombay, maybe you're just going the wrong way, I mean why all this crazy hurry and you know, Ilythia's mother finally came through. We're not gonna starve! So America, fuck you.
The Universe is just sonic vibrations, and Ilythia tells me that Western music is carved up into only two pieces, you see, these flat and sharp vibrations add up to just fourteen notes. And those subtler Indians then carved up the sonic space into three pieces. So now you can get even twenty-three notes. And you know it's just a subtler musical subdivision, and that's why Ilythia feels the Indians pay more attention to the inner ear.

You see, so when it comes to this mind science, all the mind space can be then further subdivided into at least seven more vibrational pieces, and that's when deeper meditation then comes into play. You see, the human ear is being used more fully now and Houston, we're now landing on Elephanta island, and these dakinis are so cute; and you see, some advanced mind science was practiced in this hairy place; and the lethal and subtle mind energies were invoked here in the most powerful of ways. Specks of star dust could have been brought to earth by unknown accidents.

But, you know, these higher forces are always watching this mind science game. They know that these energies can be stored, and released, and also controlled and all within the gross human body; and this nuclear strength demands a discipline of such monstrous proportions. And any rare initiation into the subtle realms is not really a philosophy and it's not just this exercise in intellectual juggling. No, it's a powerful inner experience-- and this science can transform the psychic skin of many a hidden world; and you know this isn't really a science of matter and the Greeks stumbled here and lost sight of this huge inner universe; and the West continues to make the same stupid mistake. Instead, those gods of matter got invoked even as the physical planet is getting more and more united, creating in the process a psychic dissonance that's now reaching an all-time high, and western science is beginning to see that matter is this psychic kind of thing--just as the digital revolution is creating this strained and global life somewhere in this lonely corner of the galaxy.

The West's long detour into this matter has given us the "free" world. And yet it's the mind science from the East that's now ushering in the next chapter. You don't believe me? It's this ancient science of subtle vibration and it will have a new form in the so called "post-modern world" and this mind science is much older than any recorded history, and it will eventually teleport us to those distant stars possibly right here through this mind-station called Elephanta Island. Roger, do you read me now Houston?

Bombay, you're just this camera-bug's dream; I mean with all your noisy trains and all these people, it's just one big symphony, and I just love munching on your veggie sandwiches, I always wash them down daily with watermelon and sweet sugar cane juice. And, you know, your peanut sellers are always nagging me for just a little more business, and you're such a witch with your black magic, it's like a million megaton bomb; and everyone's so jealous that I know you now, Bombay. Yeah, they're pretty pissed; and I just can't seem to please anyone, nowadays.

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