Forty Immutable Parables

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And I just love this stained glass window; it's what we're all really making now; it's just this astonishing Atlantean montage and its mind field is seizing me now with these unexpected connections, and this hidden expression hints of a larger web in the making; it's just this looser collage and we get it by listening to the distant stars, and you know Bombay, it's really time to try out all these new alternative cultural codes. And, Yeah Bombay, it's these brave new weaves that could simulate all these new myths in the dream language and that will cast these shadowy spells on the planet; and these mind links will be quite unusual; and you know this post-modern age seems to lack some organizing principle and this psychic complexity is causing some drastic mind flip. So Bombay, what do you say, how the fuck do we really dampen all this confusion in us without clamping down on ourselves too much. You see it's an interesting problem, Bombay. We really need this new kind of intuition. We just need to generate synchronicity on demand. Are you for this, Bombay?

And these are the famous Kanhari caves just north of here, and this is where the ancient Hinayana just started to transform into that relatively modern Mahayana, and it's right here that an oddly negative psychic process just carved out this big space and then simply molded it by removing all matter; and it's not really black magic, Bombay, it's just this silent spiritual atmosphere, it's an ascetic beauty with these simple churchlike interiors and with the dim light streaming into these half-darkened vaults.

It's a cool mind zone and the sun's heat is never felt here; and this pure space has no weight, nor any kind of heavy gesture as one enters now the sacred sphere that symbolizes this human extinction. This holy place has this weird austerity and also this ephemeral grandeur which is quite extreme; and yet so utterly convincing in its basic simplicity.
I'm really pissed Bombay. Look what you've done. You've turned these holy caves into trash-bins and lovers' nests, so tell me now Bombay, why are you so damn rude? I mean there's just so many assholes here. And all these people are just living on the grungy streets and everything is permanently under construction, Bombay so why are you letting this just happen? I mean you've got fast e-mail, so why are you so obsessed with Ilythia's boobs; and why are you always on strike? Is it just silly pride, Bombay, or do you just want to be difficult?
Yeah, so come on, tell me the truth Bombay. I just wanna know, so can you just tell me before I go? I mean your karma's so wild--and you know just where is this insane world heading, I mean everybody's yelling about information and it's also about hyper-globalization, and is the nation-state really failing, and nobody cares about politics and it's all just this media crap and it's also about instantly branding and reselling just about everything including this stupid book. And all these professionals and pressure groups. I mean, it's such a crazy system--Bombay, and you know today everybody's into this life-style consumption thing. Do you know what I mean, Bombay. It's this intrusive global movie we're all in. Thanks to the TV, radio, and the web. There's now this awesome collective anxiety; and just what are the real contents of this global movie. Well, It's just fuck the state, and fuck anybody that gets in my way, you know, I bet that's how the multinational corporations really think; and these jihadists are now starting their rampage and I don't think they give a fuck either; and you know some people--all they really do here is just wash clothes everyday and for just this scandalous pittance, while others here can't even afford to have any clothes, it's so fucking crazy Bombay. You know, I'm so damn tired of this shit. Everybody's just so busy and life is so complex. And everybody's self-esteem is just so low. I mean, you just can't win. It's such a bad combination. How do I now get of this silly plane?
Where can I just find a new and better vibe? I mean there's this really huge labor surplus; and there's also this big production surplus, and then there's this enormous gun surplus too, and yet all global distribution still seems totally fucked. You see, way, way too many people still don't have the necessary purchasing power; and there's all this silly talk about the digital world, but nobody really understands any of this. It's just a lot of mind-tripping. And everyone tells me I really need a good education now; but what does this all really mean? You know, in those old bygone days " higher education " just meant something a little different. Back then it was all about going deep inside yourself; and somebody told me that today this higher education could really get me some more of this mysterious purchasing power. Really, Bombay, this is now so confusing, I think it really sucks. I mean it's cruel. Do you think the saints are in Hawaii? The world's shrinking and people are just spinning. Is it science fiction now this talk about some global mind emerging?
It's all just this massive confusion, Bombay. Do you really think there's any purpose to history? You know, the whores in their cages here don't have much time to think about it; and I really don't see any definite pattern in all these build-ups and breakups and scary build-downs, you know, Bombay, things just keep fusing and then dissolving, but it's now just faster and faster. And you know, Asia's just having this big economic crisis. The Yen just keeps slipping and the economic bubble is also bursting and the nukes could soon be flying. I mean how's all this shit really possible, Bombay? You know, I thought the Cold War was finally over, and it just doesn't seem fair. What if everyone on the planet was just given this free electronic consumption card; and then some remote distant government with a skeleton crew would simply dole out the cards to all on a monthly basis. Well, you know Bombay then the problem of economics in the cyber-age would then be solved. And wouldn't Marx and Smith just love that?
You know I'm just dreaming Bombay, you don't have to take me seriously. I'm just opening some door into a dark room and I'm lighting a match and I'm seeing some vague shapes. That's all. You know, there's been a weird series of psychic big bangs since World War One with more different and various kinds of media recording them all and then allowing more and more people to simultaneously experience them. Now wouldn't it be cool if more and more people could really see this big picture thing? You know, everybody's just stumbling, Bombay. Are we heading now for some weird kind of ecological meltdown? Are we simply just shredding these webs of ecological life? Do we really understand anything now? I guess it's the human condition. Maybe it's just blind addictions. I mean we all live on this small planet that's revolving around this medium sized star in this moderate sized galaxy in this particularly insignificant corner of the universe. You know, I'm sure somebody's watching. So I'm just saying goodbye now, Bombay. Is that OK?


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