Inside America: The Rise and Fall of An Empire

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Why was American culture so globally popular?

America had always been a multi-cultural society which could always easily pre-test its popular culture before it was quickly exported abroad. American entertainment was also about dreams and how the individual always had the chance to elevate him or herself to an even higher position, even if the odds often seemed impossible. This American myth was finally becoming globally accepted by many people on the planet.

What other advantages did American culture have? American English was a compressed and relatively simple language which often fused well with the American language of popular images. And speech was always secondary in most American movies to the flood of visual images that came roaring towards the viewer.

American pop culture seemed to have the right kind of images for a world that was increasingly choked with disturbing media noise and cultural dislocation. Even if all the noise and dislocation was actually made in America. To many people all over the world, the American super-hero would always be a very popular figure in a speedy world that was now becoming increasingly disoriented, anxious, and rootless.

America for better or worse was now the producer of the current global movie. Was there really any wisdom in this global movie? The whole world was now watching it. How would this movie end? Nobody really knew. But the cameras were still rolling, and if one could psychologically put oneself out into space, slowly orbiting around the planet it could be a fantastic movie indeed….

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