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Spiritual Sci-Fi
Release 2004

Forty Immutable Parables

The planet and the universe are on the move. In this explosive sequel to Harvest of Gems. Michael Arthur Finberg having now left the earth's atmosphere proceeds with Forty Immutable Parables to move quickly into a bold new visionary terrain. A journey to Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, and then India becomes a prelude before an unexpected plunge into a cosmic black hole where the laws of space/time soon become unrecognizable. What is really on the other side of this mysterious threshold? Michael Arthur Finberg only gives a few tantalizing hints. But the active imagination of any bold reader will be rewarded a thousand-fold.

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» The Emergence of Spiritual Sci-Fi

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Price: $15.95
Format: Paperback

Harvest of Gems

A timeless adventure classic which unleashes the mind on all levels

Mix The Third Wave, On the Road, and Meetings with Remarkable men and what do you get at the turn of the 21st century? Michael Arthur Finberg's Harvest of Gems floats and surges across the planet as six months of compassionate and brutal travel turn into thousands of years of digital and hipster pilgrimage in a moving portrait of a confused accelerated age of global freedoms and high anxieties. This is the awkward birth of a new daring writer and a brave new planet.

Harvest of Gems has been translated into 15 languages.

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Price: $9.95
Format: Paperback

The Little Monk

A spiritual dream thriller for both children and adults.

Mix Kafka, The Little Prince and The Tibetan book of the Dead and what do you get at the turn of the 21st century? Michael Arthur Finberg’s The Little Monk is nothing, but one huge powerful dream of seemingly random events in the dream-life of our young little hero—The Little Monk—who is bent on finding the deeper meaning of life in the exciting and forbidden mindstreams of the planet and the universe. This charming spiritual tale explores the many complex levels of the human mind and reaches out to the reader with the message that salvation is simply inside each and everyone of us.

The Little Monk has been translated into 15 languages.

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It's Ginger Smudge!
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Ginger Smudge is the little green guy you see in the pictures on this web site. He is the creation of Michael Arthur Finberg, with artistic assistance from Heidi A. Green.

Ginger Smudge expresses abstract concepts with fun images and descriptions that appeal to children (adults like him too). Although he is strictly non-denominational, his philosopy is based on Tibetan Buddhist ideas about mind, consciousness, and the nature of existence. Kids from all over the world have been asked what they think of Ginger Smudge, and they all recommend him most highly.

In his first book, we meet Ginger Smudge in his bedroom, just as he is about to go to sleep. He tells us about the friendly and informative "dream things" who play with him, talk with him, and help him figure things out as he sleeps. Ginger Smudge's games and talks with his dream thing friends leave him feeling good about himself, the world, and the "big thing" who oversees it all. No nightmares for Ginger Smudge!

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