Harvest of Gems - Two

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L.A. was burning. The riots had broken out on the very day I decided to visit Lindy. She was a good friend of mine who lived near Playa del Rey. Lindy could get so scattered at times that she couldn't even remember how to open the security gate at her condo. Lindy was a political science professor and a futurist. Lindy's condo was right next to the airport and this was pretty convenient for her. I mean she was always taking off on information safaris all over the world. I got a great kick looking at all the planes take off from her bedroom window. I mean LAX had a lot of memories for me. It really did.

I also enjoyed lounging by Lindy's pool. It was the L.A. life-style. The place was going up in smoke. But it didn't seem real to me yet. Once the army took control of the city, Lindy and I went sight-seeing with our trusty cameras. South-Central was now a chaos of burnt ruins. But it was completely safe. Soldiers were standing on every corner. The gangs were in hiding. L.A. was now under military occupation. This was so powerful to watch. I mean it was life at its most real. People watched it all live on TV. But it was something else to drive by and look at all the sad black twisted guts of what were once thriving neighborhoods. I did a lot of prayers. There wasn't much else I could do. This was all pretty wrathful stuff.

It was simply Mahakala time. I went to the old bookstore where Nakpa Yeshe Dorje had given his empowerments. The Tibetan guy who owned it told me that people had tried to break in from the back and that he had to frantically ward them off with a gun. Then at around late afternoon, he and all the nervous merchants made sure that they all closed-up at the same time. Nobody wanted to be ALONE.

It was important to be careful. America's fascination with high-tech was creating this wasteland of the heart. That's what South-Central was really all about. The loss of hope and the anger it had unleashed was a warning to us all about the limits to our minds disconnecting from our hearts now. This was the message of my little monk hero who was just lost in his world of dreams and looking for a way out. I had to keep this in mind as I drove through the alien and zoomy landscape of southern California.

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