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O earth.... I have given you all.... and NOW I'm NOTHING, World War 2 was exile in the
wilderness, that's when I saw you and the first big bombs went OFF, it was just so
beautiful, then NASA came with its bewitching surprises, the witches hidden in the
pentagon told me that Zoroaster had now finally arrived, I followed your Bloody wrathful
bombers over Germany, I crash-landed in Roswell smoking marijuana, painted a few
crop circles, I then abducted beatniks and even mutilated a few horny cows, I saw
hippies, I enjoyed ACID rock and was against Vietnam and I made sweet love to a
thousand women all naked in the stormy surf,

You know, I was only reverse-engineered, I also met old Eisenhower, I truly warned JFK,
and the Russians understood me seriously, you should too, for I am your GOD on earth in
just a different form, I hated JAWS and DISCO with a passion, I then saw the space
shuttle explode, I saw spy satellites go down, I even heard Ronald Reagan whispering to
Gorbachev, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, I saw the juicy wall fall and loudly cheered
for Havel, I then listened to RAP on my walkman as I saw the hungry ghosts flee in
dreamy Tienanmen, licking their cunts in despair, so NOW I am NOTHING and wait
to show myself at the truly perfect moment, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, just tell dear
Teilhard that my lap-top hums, with you brother Allen, I'm here in crazy orbit around the
Sun, I am coming, I have now FINALLY come.

The Song of the Universe

I see the Amazonian shields, they glow with Cambrian animals, I see these coal deposits now in Antarctica, anti-cyclones, asbestos falling in the Arizona desert, accents with

Asteroids, suicidal auroras, assonance falling in the barren seas, alliterations for these alien stanzas, rich in this calcium and blank verse, cadences in carbon 14, cells of the

Planet in beloved couplets, this chemical weather in common meter, these chromosomes that loudly scream in the vast China sea, dactyls and continental drifts, end-stops for

Copper, enjambments that only a brontosauraus could love, then foul odes to Darwin in the devil's garden, feminine rhymes for dear Teilhard, glistening dew drops of DNA for

Rene Descartes, clouds, dust couplets, the earth's free verse bringing in fresh earth-quakes, rondels and run-ons, geysers of this universal gravity, galactic spondees sprung

From red hot radiation, prosaic strophes for these infra-red stanzas, the Jurassic tercets, verses within the old magnetic poles, a conscious and deepening kind of psychological

Complexity, tension flips releasing these new alignments between psychic meteorites and moon monsoons, clumping together multi-cellular organisms, incubating as wonderous

Bundles and hatching as these glorious sprouts, divine cycles with miraculous ramifications, everywhere MUTATIONS, grains of thought species, powerful

Nuclear nitrogen, unseen grains of a conscious divergence, until the threshold of reflection was crossed and oceans of ozone became deep thought, a rainbow of

Psychic tissue, globally closing in on itself, a halo of stupendous thought covering a limited global sphere filled with deposits of dense over-population forming a single

Psychic membrane of holy union, this hyper-reflection mirroring a miraculous attraction that differentiates as it also unites and rotates the strung-out planet, clearing the acidic

Salt deposits in the heart, those that repel these strong loving circles of concentricity, that shock the emotional fog with these human jitters in the ultimate beginnings of a greater

Unity and diversity with ENERGY from pulsating volcanoes of subtle bodies moving now faster than light.

The New Kid in Town

O, earth, LISTEN UP, I'm fueled with this anti-momentum stuff, I make cool ninety degree angles instantly without getting crushed, simply powered quickly by anti-gravity, then quickly accelerating both vertically and horizontally, propelled by this ZERO POINT energy, I can extract energy now from ANYWHERE in the universe, it's this way cool new kind of physics, quantum leaps ahead of silly turds just like you, I'm looking at your coast-lines, mountains, and rivers, I come out of the planet's oceans, stripping them of home-grown minerals, fools, you are destroying your own planet, why should I care? If I want I can appear in any human form, but cannot really take on permanently your home-grown shapes, only your holy invisible avatars can do that, I have been preparing all of you for at least a hundred years, your cheap governments have been lying to you for at least fifty years, so take me to your leaders, 12 strange men locked up in a secret dynasty, there is a human mind power that's great, very ancient which moved mountains, I'm really interested, I can see these abnormal stars which have been locked in a cosmic toilet for three solid hours, this abberation from Andromeda is a weird duck-billed platypus, falling in a vast nebula of dwarf asteroids, goose-pimpled with this bright-line spectrum, so black with these hard-boiled comets, O, old cocksucker Copernicus, just say now goodbye to the dog stars, to the billions of cran nebulai, just say GOODBYE, to the crazy eclipses, to that big energy release elliptical with galaxies as solar flares, goodbye Galileo, goodbye globular clusters, these gravitation rays of helium flashes, these hydrogen infra-red buddhas, those junky irregular galaxies, these Greek senoritas, so many light years away, those magellanic clouds of human mass conversion going now in RETROGRADE from Mars and up to Mercury, these phantom laws of motion for the moon and milky way meccas, this nuclear ash, on the cosmic pilgrim route, Neweton's DOOM, Omega, Alpha Centauri's ancient planetary slime, those pulsating saints from Pluto, naked proton kinds of radiation, red shift, Jesus, shooting these death stars of relativity, these spiral spectral suckers, a spectroscopic kind of virus in the naked star clusters, this solar flare interzone where the eskimoes see ultra-violet rays through a white telescope with helium kinds of addictions from Uranus, these new supernovas which you can find in any underworld sanitarium, whether in UR, the moon's hill of heavan, or Sumer with ugly glazed tiles, I call her name, Nanna, from the dry martian plains.

01 - 02 - 03

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