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Happy New Year And Now Welcome to the 21st Century

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The power of the Individual

Collage in an Age of Impermance

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Journey into the Universe

Entering History and Waking up to a Disturbing New Era

Terrorism from A Systems Point of View

The world catching up with Harvest

American and Global Civil Wars

The Glory and Agony of Silicon Valley


Iraq and the Global Mind

The Endless Journey

Burning a Name in the Mind

Sim/Earth and Harvest of Gems

Pilgrim in the Machine

Harvest of Gems and Max Weber

The deeper Meaning of the Translation Project

Harvest, Teilhard, and a Speculative Look at Esoteric Realms

The Reckoning

Bumps Along the Way to the Group Mind 1 & 2

What is Poetry: A Group Mind Discussion

Teilhard: More Subtle Speculations

Teilhard: final Letter of Subtle Speculations

The Second Avante Garde Wave

International Avante Garde Lexicon

Letter to Alex: The Harvest Canon 2002

Second letter to Alex: Chaordic Systems

With Robert pinsky at the Summit

Inside the American Empire

The Vanishing Point: Myth to modern writing and Back

Letters to Dov 1, 2, 3

A Meager Junkfood diet for the Global Mind

Forty Immutable Parables letter to Evgueni

Letter to Deo

The Cultural Creatives

Bamiyan Black and White Stress

The semantic slot machine

Avante Garde as Information Art

Dust Storm Nearby

The Koran's Chant and the West

Letter to Dongwei: Book movies....

The Dawn of a New Language

A brilliant letter from Evgueni from Past Correspondence

A Strange White Noise: The Secret History of 9/11

The Teilhard Workshop

Letter to the new Brazilian editor

Vision Fuel and the need for NOT Running on Empty

The Translation Shuttle and the Great Cosmic View

A hint of the Global Mind from Space

Letter to Deo: Religious nationalism...

Psychic shocks and psychic confinements

Tagore: The Indian Teilhardian

Chaordic principles from an American Teilhardian

The Millennial Translation Project


Some closing thoughts

La Technique

You heard it here...

Evgeni's letter

A letter from the past

Mongols and Muslims

Letter to Evgueni: Forty Immutable Parables


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