A letter to Evgueni

A letter to Evgueni


I want you to CALM DOWN and breathe deeply. Get a piece of paper and ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS about what you should do. Your unconscious will give you all the information YOU NEED. It will be symbolic and fragmentary. Your job is to translate this RAW DATA into a story. USE MORE OF YOUR MIND. Your intuitive mind and your logical mind must work together. Keep your emotions out of the way for now.

Let the flow of images and impressions start immediately before the logical censors take hold. use your logical mind later. There is important information out in the enviornment hidden from you. Your job is to flush it out. You were not tuning into the negative signals. That's why you are surprised. Your wife has to help you here. Both of you must calm down. Mental static and noise will make this task harder.

get a deep and clean signal from the intuitive portion of your mind by asking it detailed and focused questions. This has to be a rigorous process. First getting the intuitive data. Then integrating it with your emperical and logical parts of your mind. You already know the answer to your problems. Now you just have to discover it in you. This is a major challenge for you. You have to use your TOTAL MIND NOW. Half-measures will not work. You need to shift your attention to a different part of your mind. Your intuitive mind is the source language. Your logical mind is the target language. The language of your intuitive mind is symbolic and eonomical. This symbolic language has enormous amounts of information packed inside it. It works in flashes. logic just plods.

Put your intuitive mind into motion with questions. Put the fragments of the answer flow into a story and apply the story to your present situation. Ask questions and get symbols. Then piece them together. Intuitive data is always VALID. It's the translation process that has mistakes. Intuition is a survival tool. You are fighting for your survival. Isolate the critical intuitive information and integrate later. Since all is inter-connected. The search for connection here will be your spiritual process right now. Find out the bigger question and supply the missing question. get the answers and make a bigger better picture. The big picture has the information you need. TUNE INTO IT WITH THE RIGHT QUESTION. Then fit the vision from the flash-flow into the picture of your current situation.


Who can help me in Poland?

Where is he or her?

How can they help me?

Keep asking more questions.....

Keep your logical mind out of this until later. Ask the questions and let your wife get the images. She's probably more intuitive than you anyway. Write down what she sees and then piece the intuitive information with your logical mind. Then switch roles. Maybe your children can participate if they are really intuitive. You have nothing to lose. keep asking questions and translating the intuitive data until the right answer arrives. I promise you. It will arive.

Get back to me with the results of your experiment.




"Yes. Bombay is powerful. I stole the cadences from an Allen Ginsberg tirade and stretched them into the monster you are translating. I have been talking to Alex everyday. Calcutta is next and it will be the antidote to Bombay. Then Japan and California and you are done...tell me more about your impression of Forty Immutable Parables. I know this is probably very hard right now as you are in the thick of it. "

To begin with, they are not short, to be honest =) I don't want to say the words that come to my mind at the moment: deep, philosophical, intriguing, dense, curious... Because it is not ONLY that. This is a BREAKTHROUGH, this IS a breakthrough. No one has ever written about such things and in such a way before.

It is UNIVERSAL and COMPREHENSIVE. People will read it once and again, until they understand quite a bit.

"I assume you got the Hillary letter."

I did. I've just read it.

"Look I don't want to disappoint you, but America is also filled with liars and crooks. You need to understand this if you want to come here.

Have I ever pretended it is free of them? I have been under the threat of deportation for about ten years. Every year it was the same battle and the same stress.

Also the economy is now contracting. A down cycle is starting. When you are finished let me know. I will send you a letter of invitation. By Autumn it maybe to late. You should fly to New York and take a Greyhound bus across the country to California. Take careful notes and breathe the air. I hope this can come true for you..."

As long as I can translate/interprete/type/teach/write there is some perspective, isn't there?


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