"Yes. Bombay is powerful. I stole the cadences from an Allen Ginsberg tirade and stretched them into the monster you are translating. I have been talking to Alex everyday. Calcutta is next and it will be the antidote to Bombay. Then Japan and California and you are done...tell me more about your impression of Forty Immutable Parables. I know this is probably very hard right now as you are in the thick of it. "

To begin with, they are not short, to be honest =) I don't want to say the words that come to my mind at the moment: deep, philosophical, intriguing, dense, curious... Because it is not ONLY that. This is a BREAKTHROUGH, this IS a breakthrough. No one has ever written about such things and in such a way before.

It is UNIVERSAL and COMPREHENSIVE. People will read it once and again, until they understand quite a bit.

"I assume you got the Hillary letter."

I did. I've just read it.

"Look I don't want to disappoint you, but America is also filled with liars and crooks. You need to understand this if you want to come here.

Have I ever pretended it is free of them? I have been under the threat of deportation for about ten years. Every year it was the same battle and the same stress.

Also the economy is now contracting. A down cycle is starting. When you are finished let me know. I will send you a letter of invitation. By Autumn it maybe to late. You should fly to New York and take a Greyhound bus across the country to California. Take careful notes and breathe the air. I hope this can come true for you..."

As long as I can translate/interprete/type/teach/write there is some perspective, isn't there?


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