Letter to Evgueni: Forty Immutable Parables

Letter to Evgueni: Forty Immutable Parables


If we start history after Atlantis, where was the pendulum then? How many full circles were there since? Can we estimate the acceleration factor? Can we predict the Fourth Wave?


Michael wrote:


The entire Harvest cycle is about seeing bigger and bigger global cycles of civilizational moves in and out of the mandala. Sensate to ideational pendelum swings...but with Forty Immutable Parables something strange happens. I discover a galactic cycle. Alien and Atlantean civilizations begin to clash and recorded history becomes too narrow. I throw away the Christian calendar. I start looking at history A.A. ( After Atlantis.)

Ancient Egypt 2000 A.A.

Rome 10,000 A.A.

Today 12,001 A.A.



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