Mongols and Muslims

Mongols and Muslims


China, India and Christian Europe were much richer cultures compared to the "bridge-setters". And then were the times where distances were hard to cover.

I think any self-centred culture is difficult to penetrate or pierce or "change". There will always be a red light on, they would try to fight them off. Is American influence strong in India / China / Russia / Poland? Only as much as is considered safe. And beauty has never been considered as danger.

I'd say Beauty is the new bridge-setter.


Michael wrote:


The Mongols and Muslims were bridge cultures between East and West and Russia was smack in the middle. The Mongols connected China with Islam and and then the Muslims connected India and the new Christian Europe. I am looking for the new Mongols and the new Muslims of the 21st Century. They will play a critical role.


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