Psychic shocks and psychic confinements

Psychic shocks and psychic confinements

Dear Team:

It does sound like science fiction. Sensate and apocalyptic forces are mishandling the Teilhardian psychic potential and are simple increasing the psychic shocks, the psychic feeling of confinement that comes from these shocks and the ultimate psychic paralysis that insues from this strange mind spiral.

These sensate and apocalyptic forces are waging a high-speed total war with each other in smaller and smaller units and locals around the planet. This process of psychic shocks and confinements could lead to ultimately to a psychic breakthrough. They could be the necessary tension needed for such a Teilhardian group mind dawn....

The high-speed destruction of planetary space/time along with the imposition of a high speed sensate life based more and more on militarty and silly consumer priorities could lead to a collective social collapse and an ecological catastrophe along with individual paralysis on how to handle this complex and multiplex set of problems.

It all sounds like a William Gibson novel....

It's an exploration of the anti-Teilhardian dimensions of the current misapplications of the noospheric conditions on earth. A supreme unity violently imposed by ignorant anti-Teihardians....

It's a " 1984 " version of the digital condition. Alvin Toffler had a more Huxley kind of view of the digital life and saw this psychic inversion and planetary contraction as a possibly good thing. Who knows....

Virilo and Toffler are at opposite ends of the digital and psychic spectrum that Teilhard saw unfolding. Both visions could be dystopian with the truth somewhere in the middle. It's a clash about how inner space is going to be used. Buddhist views of mind are now quite helpful here.

Do the UFOs have a solution?

The mind scientists of Atlantis?

Seeya :)


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