Vision Fuel and the need for NOT Running on Empty

Vision Fuel and the need for NOT Running on Empty

Dear Team:

The idea of a group mind and also of any major artistic work is really the generation of VISION FUEL. This is the promotional hook my American financial-promotion team is working on for the eventual selling of all my American works and their foreign counter-parts. It took quite a bit of time to get to this point. About six months since the failure of the market trades last Autumn.

There has been a revolving door of people on my American team and now the best players are getting in line for our lift-off this year. My spin on Teilhard's group mind idea is the practical manifestation of the vision fuel concept. The Harvest canon is the poetic manifestation of this process. Both manifestation together feed on each other in both practical and spiritual ways not only for personal survival, but global as well.

It's important in these complex and speedy times to PLUCK vision fuel out of the vast mind deposits in our collective and personal unconscious. Making these operations permanent and systematic. Making this process the linch-pin for thinking globally and acting locally.

The global mind, the group mind can be seen as a vast mind " oil field. " Also a mind " gas station " that can be tapped for practical solutions and also new conceptual paradigms for personal, local, and global problems. When an individual mind-mobile or mind-plane or group mind-mobile or group mind-plane runs out of vision fuel. It knows where to fill up. There is no need for any kind of mind or group mind to ever run ON EMPTY.


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