The Teilhard Workshop

The Teilhard Workshop

Dear Team:

The Teilhard workshop went well....


Teilhard Day Workshop

Minute of silence. Let group members introduce themselves and hellos.


a.) Harvest talk with lexicon: Tibetan Buddhism, Rimed, systems fusion. Mandala dynamics, jitters and offerings. Black and White Stress and stress flip. Third wave to global mind. From big mean national machines to the global central nervous system. Marx, Wiener, Prigogine, and Toffler.

b.) Personal time waves exercise: molding personal and global legacies symultaneously. Temporal maps.

c.) First Vipassana session. (anapanasati.)


a.) Teilhard talk with lexicon: Christian evolution fusion, noosphere, and Omega. Attraction and
repulsion, love and fear in the global mind. From low-chakra to high chakra evolution. Avante garde
theology. Sheldrake and Jung.

b.) Personal time trees exercise. Organic and structural maps.

c.) Second Vipassana session. (Sweeping the body.)

Lunch Break


a.) Harvest/Teilhard talk and fusion of lexicons: Subtle bodies and sub-personalities in individual and
group minds. More on jitters. The birth of the global village, the global movie, the global mind baby.
Messianic scenarios in all major religions. 9/11 as the Teilhardian moment supreme: high-lighting the
Black Hats and uniting the planet in a shared moment of experience. Mcluhan and Targ: Global media and Psi. A non-local universe.

b.) Dyads compare waves and trees exercise: thinking globally, acting locally through wisdom storming.

c.) Third Vipassana session: (advanced sweeping.)


a.) Cultural Creatives talk and Summary of Harvest and Teilhard third wave dynamics. Vivekenanda and the four yogas.

b.) Group tackles a global Problem of choice: creative group jittering for vision fuel as a component for reconnecting with oneself, others, and the planet symultaneously.

c.) Fourth Vipassana session. ( Metta Bhavana)

d.) Minute of Silence and re-introduction of group members to the group.

e.) Individual prayers for group and the planet. Hugs and goodbyes.

End of Workshop

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