A Strange White Noise: The Secret History of 9/11

A Strange White Noise: The Secret History of 9/11

Dear Team:

I am on retreat in Olema, but I had to write about this a day before my birthday....

It's been two years since 9/11 and most Americans remain in a fog about what really happened. But more information is now coming out via the internet about this difficult day. Two congessional investigations into 9/11 came to be only because of pressure from the families of the 9/11 victims. The U.S. government has refused to cooperate fully with either investigation.

Many of the hearings have been held in secrecy and the witnesses have not been sworn in. The U.S. government has refused to provide important evidence or key witnesses citing " executive privilege. " The 800 page report of the first commission had huge chunks of blank spaces because this critical information has been deemed classified. Yet congressional investigators have learned that Bush administration officials had detailed information about both the hijackers and the targets three weeks in advance.

The American press has ignored the 800 page report which included warnings to Pentagon officials not to fly on 9/11. The 800 page report also documents how most of the hijackers got through the visa procedures with little problem. Two of the hijackers were actual roommates of an FBI informant. One of the hijackers even trained at a U.S.military base. Another hijacker was given extra training by an FAA offical because he was such a bad student. ( FAA=Federal Aviation Authority)

One of the Senators chairing the congessional investigation criticized the entire 800 page report the sloppy work of the commission investigating the disaster.

The second congressional commission began holding hearings this year. This investigation has been under-funded and again has not taken sworn testimony and has been refused critical information from the Bush administration. The mainstream media has ignored these critical lapses in government intelligence and has swallowed the main line of the Bush administration with little complaint.

War in Afghanistan and Iraq has provided further distraction from any real in depth investigation into the events leading to 9/11. The odds are low that there will be televized hearings into the 9/11 tragedy....we continue to live in a strange world of white noise.

The physical ecology as you all know can easily be polluted and cleaning it up is a tough job. Well, the psychic ecology is no different when misinformation is poured into the media stream. This is why President Vaclav Havel went on Television to the then Czech and Slovak nation confessing that the country had to start from scratch with the truth in order to clean up the foul psychic air of lies left by the Communists.

There is no Vaclav Havel today in the White House nor is there any chance that a man like him will ocupy the seat of American empire anytime soon.

Let us see how things continue to unfold....I'm praying for all of us.


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