The Dawn of a New Language

The Dawn of a New Language

Dear team:

Western civilization at the beginning of the 21st century has come to a serious cross-roads. The rise of digital technology promises the abolition of all forms of economic slavery as found on our shrinking planet today. Yet, the mental culture that would complement this brave new culture of physical and psychic leisure is sorely lacking.

The emphasis on an outer material life continues to dominate all forms of political and cultural debate when in actuality it is the promise of new forms of inner life that now beckon us all in these time of rapid and stressful change.

The Harvest of Gems lexicon is the first step towards creating a new inner vocabulary that is desperately needed for the critical understanding of our new speedy and desruptive times. Indeed, the idea of the inner mandala is a powerful one. For that is where the new challenges of our modern culture lie. Not on its outer-rim where material concerns continue to be falsely rife.

The inner mandala and its secret center are the generic terms for all spiritual and psychic explorations today. The speed of material change on the outer-rim of the mandala is the push we are all feeling today as we are forced to homestead more and more in the final frontier of our very hearts and minds.

The emergence of a planetary civilization and its complementary global mind is simply the macro-version of the spiritual struggle every individual is now undertgoing today. The need for a linguistic bridge in western culture to aid in this perilous mind crossing is the incentive for this lexicon.

An incentive honed by the author while experiencing life on the inner mandala as was seen by more inner-directed cultures of earlier and wiser times which saw as a given this fundamental inter-connectivity between all forms of material and psychic life. This is the ultimate meaning for one who lives on all levels of the mind mandala today.

Thanks for your patience and aid.


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