The Koran's Chant and the West

The Koran's Chant and the West

Dear Team:

I got tired of listening to the western media's slant on Islam and decided to read the Koran myself. It is an awesome piece of literature....yet there are some lessons to be learned here.

The Koran unlike the Old and New Testaments has no context. There is no historical narrative. The longest parts are followed by the shortest ones. That is the only real structure of this powerful book. The main actor is Allah and his voice is channeled through the prophet Muhammed.

The Koran's passages are like lightning bolts with the kind of force a suicide bombing has. These poetic a-bombs thrown at the reader demand his eventual surrender as these short and obique bursts of apocalyptic poetry are relentless until submission is achieved.

It is a powerful hypnotic chant that drives the mind to release itself from itself to some higher force at a relentless pace. Abraham becomes the first Muslim in the Koran. He is the first to submit to Allah. This direct challenge to Judaism and Christianity is fascinating from a literary and historical point of view. The Koran unlike the Bible is pure polemic.

I am beginning to understand how Islam conquered the world in less than a hundred years after the prophet died. What will happen now?

Islam like a sleeping giant is rising, but other sleeping giants are rising too. India and China together with Islam make up half the planet's population. China is now the factory of the world. India and Islam have a-bombs.

The future is going to be tumultuous for the West.

I leave you all with this passage from the Koran:

I call to witness the dawn,
and the ten nights,
the multiple and the one,
the night as it advances,
is there not an evidence in this
for those who have sense?


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