Letter to Deo: Religious nationalism...

Letter to Deo: Religious nationalism...


Religious nationalism is on the rise in Asia. The end of the Cold war did not really effect Asia much. This idea was a European conceit. Asia is now arming and every country from Israel to China is now going nuclear. The West will have limited influence here. A second nuclear age has begun. Along with a new religious and extremist age. This is a highly combustionable situation. When India and Pakistan exploded their nukes not only did the " post-Cold War age " come to an end. The Age of Vasco de Gama came to an end as well. 500 years of western dominence in Asia was finally challenged. The Vasco de Gama commeration in Lisbon a few years ago was ignored and mocked by most Europeans. But there was a deeper meaning behind it.

The Americans STILL do not understand this. They are fighting yesterday's war.


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