The world catching up with Harvest

The world catching up with Harvest

Dear Team:

Thank you for all your letters of the last 48 hours. I am enclosing a dramatic letter from the Italian editor who lives in New York. I will let the letter speak for itself.

The world is catching up with the vision of Harvest and Forty Immutable Parables. It is a world that will not be Western. The modern era was forged with the Crusades in the 1200's. The great cathedral of Cluny was the launch-pad. It was the nerve center of the inner directed Middle ages. Cluny was destroyed during the French revolution. Eaten up by its wayward child....unintended consequences. The beginning of the end of the sensate outer-directed modern era started on the Somme during WWI for Europe. For America it started during the Vietnam war and now the current assults signal the next phase. Harvest's Calcutta chapter and Forty Immutable Parables' Bombay chapter hint of this difficult new era. Also the Osaka chapter of Forty Immutable Parables. Cluny at the time was the biggest self-contained structure in the world. today it's the Pentagon. It will probably last far less in time than Cluny.

It would be nice if the new global cyber civilization was more ecumenical, supported equality for the sexes, and was based on fair and global economic justice. But these things often have to be fought for. Let us see what the higher forces have in store. Let us see where the global karma is going. let us also pray in our very own private ways for a successful outcome. Each pure thought counts. It really does....


Hello Michael,

We are all fine but what' we have seen is really unbelievable. I watched the whole horror from the Empire State Building and it was just unreal. All those poor people... Are you and Marilena both well?


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