Terrorism from A Systems Point of View

Terrorism from A Systems Point of View


Terrorism is like a new form of civilizational AIDS. It weakens the immune system of a civilization. It's hard to uproot and works inside the civilizational system in a hidden way. This new kind of civilizational AIDS started in the 1970's in the Middle East, but new strains began appearing all over the world in the 1980's and 1990's.

A new form of the original Middle-Eastern strain finally hit America BIG TIME this year on September 11th. Like the medical kind of AIDS no known cure has been found for this civilizational AIDS and the current remedies are almost as bad as the disease. This is what Bush and Co. are so confused. Probably the American elites too. China has been lucky so far. But for how long? People are freaking out in the Western world.


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