Avante Garde as Information Art

Avante Garde as Information Art

Dear Team:

The current population of the world is close to 6 billion. To sustain this population at American standards of living we would need no less then three planet earths. If the global population stabilizes at ten billion we will need five planet earths. Obviously this is not a realistic option.

Eco-disaster is staring us in the face. The multinational corporations are now coming into conflict with these ecological limits. Many Semetic religions now see an apocalyptic vision of where we are heading and would like to speed this process up. This is the deeper meaning of 9/11.

Today all education must be seen as discovery. Not just instruction. All art must be a global radar today. Feedback is key. Avante garde art is an early warning system. It is the antennae of the human race. It is the key towards a sustainable civilization. It is art as information art. A manuel for survival.

This is the legacy of Harvest of Gems, but also on on the invisible realms. Not just the visible ecology, but the invisible one aswell. This is the shamans fusing with the greens. But that's another story.

Let the UFOS come and save us.



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