Bamiyan Black and White Stress

Bamiyan Black and White Stress

Dear Editors and Translators:

I did a special puja for the Bamiyan Buddahs which were destroyed today in Afghanistan after surviving almost 2000 years. Black-hat thugs were the perpetrators of this cultural crime, but this illustrates the Janus-faced nature of life in a vortex area were cultures meet and create great beauty only to have this beauty destroyed by a massive clamp-down.

It's the old Black and White Stress story in the vortex zones. The writer is particularly interested in Central Asian Buddhism which is now extinct. The mix of Greek, Persian, Indian, Kushan, and Bactrian art is showcased in Two Short Stories, but perhaps the deeper meaning of the Bamiyan tragedy is a symbolic marytrdom of these buddahs for all the millions who died in the Afghan halocaust in the last 22 years. A wrathful karmic recycling is at work so that a space for something new can be cleared.

Bamiyan valley, caves, and buddah. The world's tallest.

The old Silk Road that connected the vortices and was
a scene of massive psychic and cultural fusion.

That's it.


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