Forty Immutable Parables letter to Evgueni

Forty Immutable Parables letter to Evgueni


What's interesting about Forty Immutable Parables as it goes to press is how so much of my literary past is echoed in this new book both in style and in emerging vision. Joyce, Kerouac, and Salinger influences are joined by Lynch, Kubrick, and Eisenstein. Echoes of Harvest of Gems volume 3 are mixed in with new material that bounces off these previous echoes and then boldly pushes the emerging vision forward into the future and out into space.

The Journey South segment in Forty Immutable Parables becomes a self-parody of the initial inspiration I got from earlier Harvest volumes. Especially volumes 1-2. This segment also becomes a non-sequitar that sets up the devestating and unexpected conclusion to Forty Immutable Parables which is hinted in Harvest volume 3, and the earlier chapters of Forty Immutable Parables: Black and White Stress and Challenge and Glory. It's an unusual mix of Castaneda, Kerouac, Salinger, and Joyce that goes totally sci-fi in Forty Immutable Parables' final climax. Should I say final film reel? There is never any real conclusive end to my work. It just keeps moving on to the next weird series of insights. Clarke, Kubrick, and also Teilhard come into play at the end of Forty Immutable Parables with a new sci-fi/high concept kind of vision which finally turns the spiritual/road-trip/psychic thriller performance on its head with very little warning.

Forty Immutable Parables has Lynchian echoes of all the previous Harvest books as it expands beyond them while feeding off them in a reflexive and circular way....

Here is the architecture:

Forty Immutable Parables

BAWS ---- CAG ----TJS

H3 ---- H4 ---- H1-2


The entire canon of work is a massive dream constellation if you then throw in Ginger Smudge aswell. This dream architecture has thousands of images that get constantly re-cycled and transformed. This massive dream universe in 2-ss then get's echoed by the latest literary device I introduced only last month and which is not in your version of the translation: a dream constellation which get's echoed by these galactic constellations! The psychic and the physical are fusing irreversibly on the most highest and vastest of levels....

It's a systems fandango and a noetic fugue with massive spillage between the psychic and physical worlds. This distant sentient future in the newly emerging cosmological space of 2-ss is suddenly born from the initial Harvest road-trips in California and then Eurasia. California leads to Eurasia and then finally to the entire universe in a steady and organic kind of long march. The 1990's lead to the 8000's. An individual mind leads to a global mind and then on to a galactic one and perhaps finally to a universal kind of mind. That's Harvest volume one to all the way to 2-ss. It took ten years. Who knows what a Harvest volume 5 would be like.

So far in my work there has been an enormous expansion of both the physical and the psychic kinds of geographies even as they are fused symultaneously and then irreversibly. This cognitive expansion/fusion then creates both an internal and an external freedom in the reader that is also both subtle and inexhaustible. It's a freedom that can then be continually explored from all kinds of multiple cognitive angles with no final conclusion and no ultimate arrival to any forgone destination. The mind is just given a HUGE space to explore. The very infinite space of itself. It has always been there. The reader is simply now made aware of this through some very unusual introductions. These introductions then become a permanent doorway to new kinds of cognitive explorations and discoveries. The mind is then stretched permanently and given this strange form of vision fuel. The reader also has to live with the consequences of being in this new open space for there is now NO turning back. You can't get deflowered again and again. If you know what I mean....

All my works just echo each other in an expanding cognitive SPIRAL. Each new spiral strand is richer than the last one and all past strands are always contained in the latest. This is a conscious and unconscious process on my part. In 2-ss, the psychic strands of my work get a cosmic echo from subtle depictions of galactical spiral arms and DNA helixes. The micro and macro aspects of reality finally unite in a physical and psychic spacetime that is terribly alive and elastic and just constantly on the move.

All the spiral levels feedback and feedforward in infinite kinds of combinations with potentially multiple kinds of interpretations. Synergy and synchronicity then fuel these emerging combinations and out of this miraculous process all kinds of surprising ideas, insights, and visions emerge. The mind of both the reader and author then EVOLVE symultaneously in both novel and rich ways. This is really a strange process of creative serendipity and free-association with a seemingly invisible and mysterious higher force guiding it in ways that no one can then fully understand. All we have is the literary ouput.

My works both expand and empower the reader's mind SYMULTANEOUSLY. The newly emerging Hollywood/media mafia is not unlike the ex-communist one. It's just more subtle. It contracts the mind of the viewer/reader and makes him/her go to sleep with no real empowering dreams. It's a dull kind of commercial and mental sedation. I prefer to wake up the reader/viewer and to then keep him/her just dreaming on with empowering images and ideas.

In this world you have the option of being either a psychic/physical slave or a psychic/physical free-agent. You must make the choice. It's always the individual versus society. Some socities are more oppressive than others and some kinds of oppression are more subtle than others. In the USSR the repression was not subtle at all. the average Russian knew the score quite well. In America the repression is more subtle and most Americans are clueless about what's going on.

But somehow interesting work get's published in America and falls throught the cracks of the commercial censor. Amazon lists Harvest as a spiritual visionary work. There are thousands of these titles at Amazon. But what's this? Walmart's digital bookstore has now picked up Harvest for it's spiritual visionary library and it has only about 100 of these titles. Walmart is also America's largest discount store. It is where middle America shops. IT IS MIDDLE AMERICA. iUniverse has no idea how Walmart picked up Harvest. Somehow, someone in Walmart's marketing division decided to simply take a risk. Was it the lovely green and gold cover that caught this mysterious decision maker's eye? Who knows....

Let the dream spirals evolve on....


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