Second letter to Alex: Chaordic Systems

Second letter to Alex: Chaordic Systems

The main concept of chaordi systems ( chaos + order ) is self-organizaion. Life is so complex that people need to be allowed to find out creative solutions by themselves under a broader set of collective principles. The team and myself still don't fully understand this. But we are learning slowly by way of mistakes and innovations. The group still isn't talking to itself enough.

I get all the complaints and questions still and often in a very haphazard manner. But I am also learning. What we are attempting to do is truely pioneering and questions have to be asked CONTANTLY to find solutions. REALLY CONSTANTLY....

Dee Hock ( The former CEO of VISA ) and I went through the same process and I'm learning a lot from him. VISA was the first truely global enterprise between different old style organizations from many countries and NEW style ideas were needed constantly. The new way to do this was to unleash the ingenuity and creativity of people involved in the old style organizations on ALL LEVELS.

Impossible in the USSR and even hard in CAPITALIST America.

More later.


We were in an Up cycle, the team and I. Now we are in a down cycle. Soon we will be up again. Just like the markets. Same dynamic.

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