Letter to Alex: The Harvest Canon 2002

Letter to Alex: The Harvest Canon 2002


What is the Harvest canon? It's a non-linear narrative. Abstract-expressionist writing. In the avante garde tradition that has now gone through three phases in this century. Speed and wild juxtaposition for the re-birth of a new era and a new literary mandala.

Harvest of Gems explores the invisible and shamanic mind. Black and white stress explores the vortices and its cycles of psychic clampdown and space-out. The destruction of space and time in a speeded up world. The emerging global mind and the richness of perpetual pilgrimage.

2-ss explores mythic Atlantis and UFOs and there connection to past global minds on our planet. Alsothe deeper aspects of a psychic planetary culture.

These radical vistas need a radical experimental writing thatultimately turns into a liturgical planetary chant.

The first avante garde wave tried to mirror the post-trench and post-poison gas world of 1919.

The second avante garde wave tried to mirror the post-concentration camp and post- atomic bomb world of 1946.

The third avante garde wave is trying to mirror the post-Indian atomic bomb and post-9/11 world of 2002.

We are still at the very beginning of it....western bombs are being replaced by eastern ones.

Much more later.


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