Teilhard: final Letter of Subtle Speculations

Teilhard: final Letter of Subtle Speculations

Dear Team:

All of us have an aura around us. The aura is a psychic energy shield covering our physical bodies and this shield is directly connected to our subtle bodies. Holes in our aura do to serious physical or emotional injury will block the energy flow where the injury occurs either in the physical or subtle bodies. All illness is a blocking of vital psychic energy and it always starts in the aura. All illness is adharmic. It's a form of local chaos. More chaos will lead to more illness in a runaway spiral until it exhausts itself. War, revolution, and ecological disaster are the same. The planet has an aura too. It's been taking quite a few whacks since the Second Wave began. Are these auric holes fatal? These Gaia shocks and noosphere blasts?

Auras can recover in individual humans. Thought forms can attack and weaken the aura. Yours and that of others. Often attacks can build-up tensions within us until there is a mental breakthrough or breakdown. Good and bad thought forms can be implanted in individual and mass auras. Psychic pollution is a real thing. Now more so than ever. Mental illness is an imbalance between different parts of the aura: oscillating muddiness and clarity along with shrinking and expanding psychic buldges that fly out of the aura.

Higher auric bodies pulled down closer to lower ones can be seen in rapidly evolving spiritual people. when high and low auric bodies fuse. It's a jump in spiritual evolution for the person. The aura of a saint is very different from the aura of a paranoid schizophrenic. Higher auras have great amounts of knowledge both personal and universal and a translation process is always critical. Formless vibrations need concrete forms for the lower auras to digest them. A good psychic will always focus in order to get out of the way of the incoming message. Cosmic energy at the highest chakra always needs to be stepped down for more efficient use.

Higher auras have pure and rapid vibrations. Lower auras have slower and dense ones. I speculate that as the planet's aura speeds up because of the psychic convergence Teilhard has described. All of us as individuals will have NO CHOICE, but to tap our higher auras in order to keep up with the pace. It's a matter of pure survival. meditation, art, pilgrimage, and prayer can help us tap these higher energies in order to cope with the SPEED UP. Get it?

The early phases of the noosphere will be les efficient than the later ones, but they are still an important phase in human evolution because they will allow the global mind to tap higher vibrations. As dense psychic energies are shared collectively more and more at an even faster rate. The DEMAND for equivalent spiritual energies to be shared on a collective basis will dramatically increase as well. Clean psychic energy will be in great demand. The challenge before us is clear. Psychic waste management on a collective level will be our new process. Vaclav Havel implicitly understood this when he went on national television after the fall of the Communists and decreed to all Czechs and Slovaks that only truth could wash away the current polluted mind atmosphere. The lies and propaganda had been too great.

The genius of Tibetan Buddhism according to the writer is this. It is a combination of powerful shaman mind science with the aspirations of a truly universal religion. In other great religions the shaman mind science has been completely repressed. To the Tibetan and ancient mind any alliance of minds for any purpose always brought psychic tensions that needed eventual release. Many ancient cultures used human and animal sacrifices as ways to release this tension. Psychic tensions have always fueled human evolution in steady cycles of incubation and violent release. Teilhard has described this process well. The Tibetan solution to this problem was to replace human or animal sacrifice with symbolic sacrifices. It was a revolutionary idea employed on a mass scale. In monastic traditions the monk sacrificed his ego. This is a very difficult process which demands enormous experience.

Rays of healing mind energy can be sent to an aura by friends, teachers, lovers, higher entities and non-physical beings we have karma with. This feeds the chakras in the aura. Helping energy " guides " often send energy to an aura in concentric circles. Positive thought spirals move upward and benefit the aura. Negative ones move downward until they find some bottom often violently. It's important to stay positive. This is not just " self-help " talk. This is rooted in " energy reality. " This thinking will create stability and progress as our individual and collective energy fields or auras are fully empowered. Yet negative energies are powerful motivators nevertheless. Dis-eases are always opportunities for personal evolution.

Often psychics can see different colors in the aura and these colors stand for different things. Green is emotional growth. Blue is knowledge. Indigo and violet are activated knowledge. Red is activity, but often greedy and negative. Orange is a balance of mental disharmonies. Gold is blazing healing. Brown is often a negative mind influence. Grey is often rigid emotions. An advanced master the writer was with ALWAYS used green psychic energy for healing even terminal cases.

A consciousness of seperateness is always self-destructive. We are all inter-connected by our thoughts and auras. Welcome to the global movie. The sign at the theatre says " Welcome now to the Global Mind. It's a process that's simply mental and emotional. So be positive and you will always attract positive people and positive events. That's the way it is....

Happy Holidays!


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