Teilhard: More Subtle Speculations

Teilhard: More Subtle Speculations

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Continuing with the subject from yesterday....

One could say that death is an astral and cordless projection of no return. The astral cord is the ultimate bridge between the physical body and the subtle bodies. The crucial link between mind and matter. Between the outer-rim and the inner mandala. If the cord is cut....it's all over. Mind flight will continue without a return to the body.

Often relaxation is critical for astral projection. Often a coldness and some form of muscular paralysis follows after the astral body leaves the physical body. Often when the astral body is moving up, it feels like it's going down and vice versa. Shamans astral project all the time. One could say that Indian culture is very astral and subtle-body oriented. It is an inner mandala culture. Vedic thought, Buddhist too is very Teilhardian. Indian thought is more experentially based when it comes to the inner mind realms. It is not speculative like Greek culture. In a Teilhardian/Indian world--mind culture is prime. The Upanishads is a pre-Teilhardian text.

Visiting the astral plane is a lot like death. The astral body like the physical one is a shell for our minds to be housed in. The Tibetan and Egyptian books of the Dead are manuels for astral flight. The hypnogogic state is a borderline state into the astral planes and the subtle bodies. There can be different speeds of astral flight. Ironically, sickness and physical weakness are conducive to astral projection because the astral body is loosened from the physical body during these periods. The hypnogogic portal is the key to astral projection. James Joyce who was always in pain from constant eye surgery took drugs to find relief and found himself in hypnogogic states often. Especially when he was writing his more advanced works.

Meditation and yoga all loosen the astral double from the physical body. So does sleep, exhaustion, and drugs. Physical blows and emotional shocks can also provide this critical loosening. Simmering emotions sometimes make astral flying difficult because they disquiet the mind. Peace and quiet are good for astral flying. Fasting can help too.

The Mahabarata is a story filled with astral flying. To the indian mind, mind flight is more basic than physical flight. Teilhard was proposing an astral planet. India was an astral nation for quite a lonfg time. One of the few left and parts of it is heading now towards heavy westernization. The Mahabharata is filled with stories of astral flying. The idea that all minds are connected is now rapidly becoming accepted world-wide. The Indian ideal of " unity in diversity " is just another way of saying " union differentiates. "

Spiritual realization as the supreme goal of religion always fosters inter-religious harmony. The secret temple at Rhanipur Jharial in 2-ss is a Teilhardian node of mutual tolerance and also astral flying. The idea of tolerance, assimilation and synthesis is the antidote to dull and dead uniformity. The convergence of two great religious minds in the east and west gives me hope for the future. Swami Vivekananda and Father Teilhard preached total convergence of all faiths and all minds. The credo of " you and I " instead of " You or I. " Get it?

The ancient Greeks rationalized the the political view of community. Not so religion. The Greeks never thouroughly investigated this critical subject despite the existence of their mystery schools. Instead, man in society was prime. Not man in his depth. The Greek rationalization process was really honed for the outer rim. The Indian mind just went the other way. Now with new links and new changes being constantly forged in the global mind the Indian way needs to be looked closely once more. Teilhard made bold strides here. But indirectly.

Of course dreams are astral phenomena too. This is the only astral experience for most " normal " people. I sometimes wonder if the noosphere is simply one vast planetary astral projection. A big super mirroring. 2-ss is an orgy of astral speculation. A massive literary projection of astral life.

You need to slow the body down before you can mind fly. The will to mind fly must be strong. Will is simply bringing attention to a subject or an idea until it fills the mind completely. It's a very powerful mental action. Astral projection puts mind upfront over the body. It shows that the body and mind are really not the same despite their deep connection. At death they ultimately seperate. Enlightenment insures no reunion if the self-realizer wishes this. It's a very simple and brutal logic.

The writer used to do mind experiments in an isolation float tank and the darkness and utter quiet was indeed conducive for an experience in astral projection. A near drowning as a child also was proof of this. The writer could see his body in the swimming pool despite the fact that he was no longer in his body. First there is a heaviness and then a lightness as one moves into the mind portal and then out the other end. Near-death experiences are often like this.

The passive will is always more powerful than the active will. The active will serves the passive will. Cook the desire of astral travel or anything else in the subconscious LONG ENOUGH until the pressure is sufficient to induce it. Passive will is incubation. Active will acts on the fully developed incubation plan. The mind is the super force of our existence. The body is simply a servant.


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