The Reckoning

The Reckoning

Dear Team:

Well, the bombs are falling. America is in a split mind about it. I am going on a five day retreat at Olema to meditate and pray. I hope the war is short and the that the aftermath is not to intense. But who knows what kind of jitters this third Gulf War will unleash. The Iranian revolution, the Afghan-Soviet war, and the first Gulf War let loose events no one could have forseen: Suicide terrorism, the end of the USSR, and the beginning of a new global era few understand.

I live in the Persidio. An abandoned military base next to the Golden Gate Bridge and fabulous beaches. One sometimes feels one is not in San Francisco. Many Russian immigrants live here and today I sat in silence in the local Russian Orthadox church with its scent of incense and beautiful non-linear murals. I tried to go deep in myself and think about the challenges ahead.

I feel this year will see many positive changes with the translation project despite the current dark mood and I am glad all of you have stayed with me up to this historical moment.

Thank you!


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