Harvest, Teilhard, and a Speculative Look at Esoteric Realms

Harvest, Teilhard, and a Speculative Look at Esoteric Realms

Dear Team:

Well, it's the season to be jolly as 2002 struggles to a difficult end. I will write three essays this month and I hope all of you are in a good holiday mood. 2003 will be better. This is a promise. I would also like to take the time now to thank Dongwei, Alex, Evgueni, and Dov for their continuing support and very steady correspondence. It makes it much easier to write these long letters knowing that there is an appreciative audience out there.

This letter is by far the most speculative letter written yet. I ask that you all suspend judgement and just enjoy the intellectual ride....

Many of you probably do not know that there is a very subtle world out there beyond our physical bodies. This world contains subtle bodies that are extensions of the physical one. These " astral " bodies are connected to subtle planes and are closely aligned with the chakras. These are the subtle energy portals that are connected to the physical body. Shamans and mystics are well aquainted with these subtle bodies. Our emotions and thoughts are located in these areas aswell as information from our past-lives.

I'm sure many of you have heard of astral projection. This is when the mind actually leaves the physical body through a second phantom body tied to the physical body through an etheric cord. I will discuss this interesting phenomena shortly.

When Teilhard talks about psychic convergence. It's tempting to speculate that he means convergence of subtle bodies. Subtle bodies create an aura around a person and much information can be gleaned by a trained psychic looking at these auras. Fear, worry, and annoyance are bad for the subtle body and these emotions are often rife in low-chakra people. These unfortunate people have cloudy and very dark subtle bodies. Higher-chakra people have luminous and clear subtle bodies. Saints have very refined subtle bodies indeed.

Unnecessary emotions fritter away energy. High-chakra types are immune to this problem because of their air-tight emotional discipline. But sensitives still in psychic training can be seriously affected by low-chakra types. All thoughts create radiating vibrations and floating thought forms. These thought forms made up of psychic subtle matter can be very powerful and can be extremely well directed by a strong and steady will.

Thought forms are sometimes mistaken for psychic entities by untrained psychics. They can take a life of their own. Bad thought forms always boomer-rang and good ones break through to higher vibratory levels. Mental vibes effect the subtle bodies more than the physical body and when these subtle bodies are damaged then the physical body starts to rapidly deteriorate. Impure foods pollute both the physical and subtle bodies and often attract bad entities. Clean places are good for both physical and subtle bodies. Also quiet places. Positive mental vibes bring in more positive vibes and negative vibes invite more negative vibes. It's that simple.

Depression is bad for physical and subtle bodies too. So it's important to stay content and optimistic regardless of what's going on. You need to SLOW the vibes in your bodies and not hook into vibrations that are in a pitched frenzy. Psychic entities can cause bad moods. Not just physical people. Insanity is due to defects in the subtle body. You need to be strong and steady in your mind. This is not easy in the speeded up world we're living in now.

The subtle bodies are often at play during one's dreams. Indeed The Little Monk's astral body met his teacher's astral body during sleep. Aswell as many other types of dream entities. Ginger Smudge is a kid's show case for astral travel. Dream-time is astral time. You can solve difficult problems there. Better than in awake-time, but first you need to know this astral realm exists. Modern people do not. They are tuned unfortunately to a narrow bandwidth of the psychic spectrum. The subtle bodies are just wider and hidden parts of our huge minds.

Emotions are heightened in the subtle bodies. In Harvest of Gems one can see how my physical seperation from Summer did not end in the realm of our mutual subtle bodies. Dream communication between us became even more intense as a kind of compensation for our physical seperateness. Subtle worlds are inter-mixed with physical ones in my work. Harvest and 2-ss are good examples. Little Monk and Ginger Smudge are subtle works in their entirety. This awake-time/dream-time is basically a CONTINUITY which tantra fully understands. In subtle worlds physical space is not an obstacle. I myself recieved much instruction and information from spiritual masters while deep in sleep and now my psychic treasures need to be plucked out by more highly developed persons or they could also be accessed by me in a future life afte I've done more mind work on myself.

Often you can give your subtle body an assignment to do while you are asleep. You can give it a problem to solve or it can comfort a person you know. See what happens later in awake-time then! You will be surprised! Psychic mediums often travel through their subtle bodies in order to get important information on other psychic planes. When your awareness of subtle/gross bodies increases life becomes a continuous stream of consciousness WITHOUT segregation into periods of rememberance and forgetfulness. What kind of astral convergence occurs in the Teilhardian sense? How do seperate subtle bodies create one larger subtle one?

I am tempted to think that all art is subtle body related. The avante garde waves dove into dream-time and brought back fragmented visions from the subtle planes. All poetry is a product of the subtle bodies. Great art weaves gross and subtle realities by acknowledging that both realities are going on symultaneously. This is a big message in all my work.

Subtle bodies like gross bodies have atomic properties and can mix to create new psychic kinds of reality. Apparitions are subtle bodies taking on the particles of physical matter temporarily. Death is the ultimate subtle body experience. Your entire life is quickly mirrored in front of you. Sometimes one can also see past lives if your concentration at death is powerful enough. It depends how deep you can see in your other sublte bodies where this information is fully stored.

Harvest and 2-ss is a kind of global Castaneda epic. But global subtle bodies are explored. Not just individual ones. Global vortices are giant subtle bodies composed of many individual subtle bodies. Little noospheres which are highly unstable and prone to serious stress-flip. I believe that Teilhard was trying to combine gross and subtle matter in his modern evolutionary world-view. Quantum mechanics, world war and psycho-analysis in the 20th century were the sensate portals to psychic life for modern humankind. The violent psychic chaos between 1914-45 was the crucial breakpoint in the history of the modern world. My work comes from this historical turning point. Teilhard's work aswell. Also avante garde art and systems theory in its current primitive form.

Feelings, and emotions are lodged in the subtle bodies aswell as karmic memories. Humans and their psychic protectors are an alliance of subtle bodies on subtler planes. A Teilhardian group-mind is this too. Pure and simple. It would be fascinating to find out what kind of clash was going on between not only U.S. airmen and the Vietcong in Vietnam, but also what kind of conflict was going on between their psychic protectors. Or the war between U.S. special forces and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan along with their invisible guardians. What kind of psychic protectors are looking after the translation team?

Few humans know how to live in the subtle planes after death. Low-chakra people have a hard time when they die because for them this is the first time they have to deal with life on subtler planes. Not so high-chakra people. Subtle bodies like gross ones have a particle structure that dissolves into one form or another. All kinds of opportunities and delights exist in the astral realms. Sleepers, dead people, spirits and saints all dwell there and go back and forth. Much important information is to be gleaned here.

Dead writers have been known to influence living writers. Saints often work here in these realms in order to influence an outcome on the physical plane. Who knows what subtle drama occured on the astral plane when Constantine converted to Christianity. How did the Christian protectors convert the pagan ones? What about king Ashoka in India? How did the Buddhist protectors convert the local Vedic ones? What kind of protectors influenced Father Teilhard? Possibly St.Teilhard in the future....

Physical language cannot describe the astral or subtle reality adequately. On the physical plane there is much ignorance. On higher planes learning and wisdom are more possible. This is why art and religion are important. Science has little to say about wisdom. Impressions brought back from the astral realm are often unreliable. Many objects are seen through multiple angles symultaneously. Even familiar objects look unfamiliar. There is less vision distortion of the physical kind with its constant reliance on perspective. Harvest and 2-ss tries to give to the reader as many astral snap-shots as possible sometimes in order to get a bigger if more complicated view.

The harnessing of powerful global subtle bodies can be explosive. Discipline in the higher subtler bodies allows for the taming of emotions and instincts in the lower subtler bodies and in the physical body too. This is why meditation is so important especially if you have regular access to a spiritual master.

I am 44 years old and 25 of these years have been pretty much life on the outer-rim. 18 years have been inside the inner realms. My work chronicles these 18 years. Harvest one chronicles Tibet and its aftermath in California. The realization of having a past life and my first haphazard explorations of subtle bodies through meditation occured during this period: 1984-90. Harvest two begins with a pilgrimage in California and an intensification of what went on in Harvest one. Also big spiritual masters appeared. This occured in 1990-3. Then Harvest three takes off with an international pilgrmage and the introduction of a female consort. Subtle body dynamics really start getting interesting now and this global pilgrimage like the one in California also introduced many new mind masters. This occured between 1993-4.

Harvest four then introduces all of the above mentioned in an even more advanced form along with transmissions of very ancient teachings. My world becomes an astral one predominantly between 1994-6 in California. Finally in 1997-8 another global pilgrimage takes me to the geographic source of these new teachings and the astral connections now really become galactic. A vision on planet earth becomes much too small. Mind travel back in time and out into space now predominates.

Since 1998 to the present the public transmission of this quest on a global and digital level has become prime now. This is where all of you come in and the documentation of this new phase has just started, but there is plenty of raw material. It would be nice to go back on another physical and global pilgrimage in a few years and the psychic foundations for this future trip are being laid right now as I type these words.

More tomorrow.


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