Iraq and the Global Mind

Iraq and the Global Mind

Dear Team:

The increasing global opposition to the coming war in Iraq shows the global mind flexing its embryonic muscles. People seem to sense that this war is about oil and power. Not necessarily democracy. The UN Security council is becoming a forum for the global mind as media and instant polling in many countries converge in a serious form of global cinema with feedback and psychic jitters occuring on a minute by minute basis.

The American rush to crush and occupy Iraq is a blatant power grab of an empire that is in basic decline. An attempt to crush OPEC and cow Europe and Russia. While there's still time to do so.

The media in America is hostage to the war-mongers here and is refusing to report the severity of the American economic recession and the snuffing out of personal freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. The global protests against the war in Iraq are getting insufficient coverage even as the media in other countries attempt to cover this growing global protest as accurately as possible.

The UN has estimated that it would take only 40 billion dollars to give everyone on the planet adequate food, health care and housing. This to me is a far better antidote to terrorism than half a trillion dollars spent on useless aircraft carriers, space missle kinds of defence, and other high-cost/high-tech weapons that will not work from any conceivable angle towards the deterrence of terrorism.

These facts are not yet part of the global movie and they are being repressed in favor of propaganda extolling useless military production and heavy economic dependence on fossil fuels.

Where are the Aliens when we need them? :)

Bush senior was lifted by the war in Kuwait and toppled by economic recession and economic riots at home. Remember LA? Bush Junior was lifted by 9/11. Well there is a serious economic recession now. Far worse than in 1991. The economic riots could be just a matter of time. America is waiting for its next LA. Will it come in 2004?


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