Dear Team:

Even as the bombs fall on Afghanistan. The press release for Harvest of Gems is going out this week to over 200 major American media outlets. My publicist Paul Krupin is ecstatic about Harvest of Gems. It is a historic masterpiece and he has seen alot after working 20 years in the publishing business.
Also the translation project is extremely newsworthy. It is a leap in global publishing that no publisher large or small has ever attempted and Paul feels it is extremely visionary and feels excited that he is now part of this.
Here is the press release for those of you who are struggling to sell my work abroad. You may translate it and use it as a weapon.


HARVEST OF GEMS… Is Breathing Down Your Neck

What do you get when you mix On the Road, Catcher In the Rye, and Don Juan's Tales of Power? Michael Arthur Finberg's Harvest of Gems floats and surges across the planet as six months of brutal and compassionate travel turn into billions of years of very hipster and compassionate pilgrimage.

" Funny, Frightening, Original. "
On a sunny September day in late 1993, the adolescent narrator of this epic story finds himself suddenly landing in Amsterdam. The Cold War is now history and some interesting complications begin as the narrator now turned Buddhist traveler visits a beautiful and mysterious witch in Prague, then get's sucked into a religious war involving rival Tibetan incarnations and finally looks for a safe refuge to write a spiritual screenplay in the fierce mountains of Nepal.
" A tour d'force. "
Suddenly "Harvest of Gems" begins jumping from one country to the next. Then from one mental universe to the next at a break-neck, page-turning speed. Soon strange descriptions of the solar system are interwoven with lofty camera shots of Buddhist heavens. And slowly a fluid, yet hazy portrait of an anxious psychic planet emerges. A global brain is now on the verge of recognizing its own frightening birth.
" An American Divine Comedy. "
This Kubrick-like moment never fully announces itself. Yet the reader instinctively knows that the interior monologues and weird verbal symbolic collages that flood the narrative are ultimately all fighting to make this critical passage happen. This powerful echo process begins to build its own strange momentum out of this keen competition of diverse literary devices.
" A book that will be misunderstood. Yet read OVER and OVER again. "
Harvest of Gems demands multiple readings even as it entertains the diligent reader with its rapid and multiple camera angles of a mind and a planet anxiously flying through different parts of a speedily receding, fluid universe. Harvest of Gems is so densely textured and so packed with disturbing grace notes that it's ultimate climax is as much interruption as conclusion.
" A subtle collection of the immaculate that unleashes on all levels. "
Yet there is more. Harvest of Gems is also an exploration in alternative publishing. It's a new product of Print On Demand technologies and also exclusive on-line distribution, as well as a pioneering project in global publishing. Harvest of Gems has been translated into more than fifteen languages in bold anticipation of it being a planetary best-seller even before the literary and commercial juries reach their verdict in America.
" A daring new concept for a daring new century. "
Harvest of Gems is a new evolution in writing and publishing.

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