Boom, Bust, and Echo in the Harvest Canon

Boom, Bust, and Echo in the Harvest Canon

Dear Team:

This is the demographic picture in America:

Boomers: 1946-65

77 million kids produced in 19 years and 29% of the current population. The anti-Vietnam hippies who brought in a cultural revolution. TV as the main media. I'm in this group. The tail-end. Bill Clinton was the first boomer US president.

Busters: 1965-1976

45 million kids produced in 12 years. 16% of the current population. Hippie kids and those weaned on cable TV and computer games. Summer is in this group. The tail end. Generation x is pretty screwed up emotionally.

Echo Kids: 1977-1997

81 million kids produced in 21 years. 30% of the current population. The first real digital brats. Some still in diapers and many internet savvy. Many also hippie kids, but with even more distance from the 60's. This is the first group that is net-work savvy and knows more about digital technology than their parents. Ilythia is at the front of this group.

Old Farts: 25% of the remaining population. Many are senior citizens and a tiny minority of this minority run the USA. PERIOD. These dinosaurs have lost touch with their morals and their souls. They are the empire builders and empire keepers. When I say old farts I do not mean to denigrate the majority of our senior citizens who have much experience to pass ontto the youngsters. But it's just a slang term to hit the old elites in America with. Anybody who is US president has to deal with them regardless of when they were born.

Harvest of Gems spans the boom-bust-echo divide and was written for this huge group. But seniors are always welcome! The post-WW1 era brought confusion and acceleration. Hemingway Fitzgerald attacked the age from exile. The post-WW2 age brought more of the same. Salinger and Kerouac mirrored this age of anxiety. The post-Cold War era is MY TURF and I'm doing MYTHING. It's just more confusion and acceleration. I'm just struggling to be a mirror. But unlike Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Salinger, and Kerouac. I've got the web and I'm talking to all my translators NOW all over the world.

Pretty COOL....

Think about this.

Seeya, all in LA, city of the angels and of celluloid dreams.


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