Harvest of Harvests

Harvest of Harvests


All the avante garde poets, artists,and musicians like Olson, Picasso, and Cage were into systematic chance operations and this displacing kind of super collage. Three avante garde waves have been practising this new style. I'm in the third wave.

The great systems thinkers like Greory Bateson, Norbert Wiener and Kenneth Boulding saw that combinations, harmonies, and discords between successive pieces and layers of information would present many problems of survival and would determine many directions of evolutionary change both good and bad. This is miles away from Newton and Descartes with their machine reductionist visions....


That's how I fuse systems science and avante garde art. This chance combination of disconnected elements. Elements disconnected by big trauma in this modern era. This chance re-combination will emerge into this new cultural mandala to replace the shattered one we're living in today. One that has reached the limits of its usefulness.

Vandalized Soviet war memorial in Sofia

The avante garde has close connections to the systems thinkers and to aboriginal cultures that practises shamanism. The Buddhist world-view is also very lose to this wholistic and multiplex view that demands more freedom for a bigger use of the mind and all its layers.


Harvest of Gems has truely been the harvest of all these other powerful harvests.Thanks for sticking with me for the ride. The idiot literary critics are clueless about what I'm attempting to do.


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