Harvest and Teilhard Visionary Letters 1 & 2

Harvest and Teilhard Visionary Letter 1 [site 1]

Dear Team:

Harvest of Gems and Forty Immutable Parables is about building a bridge between the phsyical world and the psychic one. The deeper I go into Teilard de Chardin's vision the more the meaning of my work unfolds in a very exciting way. My life is a vast noospheric process. The more complexity there is in evolution, the more consciousness there is to this growing complexity. All exterior and interior worlds thus grow together.

Intense physical and psychic competition in a closed space always generates a pressure that leads to big evolutionary leaps. All is truly alive and linked. The economic and psychological pressure of the second and third waves has now led to the evolution of the noosphere. Yes, the global mind that is emerging on planet earth. From simple matter to complex social groupings changed biological states between a series of moving balances has led to the current evolutionary enviornment on earth.

Groups of living and thinking things are always greater than the individuals in these groups. Harvest of Gems explores the dense and complex vortices on planet earth. It shows how psychic evolution is a groping kind of process towards some kind of directed change. Wherever there is psychic density like in China, Japan, India, Israel/Palestine and other parts of the world there is more psychic potential for creative cultural evolution simply because there are more human vessels of reflective thought in these places. This is a counter-intuitive insight, but when it is fully grasped finally human indifference is then quickly transformed into immense concern as consciousness speedily increases.

There is a global unity that embraces a new and growing variety and competiton . There is thus more complexity and more underlying unity waiting to be discovered along with the expanded consciousness to understand and embrace this complexity and unity. Harvest of Gems explores both the individual and global freedoms and anxieties that are produced by this bold evolutionary process and then treats it as a spiritual phenomena worthy of scientific observation and religious pilgrimage.

The current terrorism the planet is suffering was born from the compexity and stress of the emerging global mind and paradoxically it is now also contributing to the necessary tension that will lead to the next evolutionary leap towards greater global creativity and reconciliation. This will also come much sooner than most people think. The Kathmandhu chapter of Forty Immutable Parables describes in vivid detail the psychic crush and religious fusion that's creating this newly emerging noosphere.

Life arranges itself into orders and natural bundles called phyla. Thus there is a constant sprouting and branching off of new living species. Harvest explores this wild phyla and much, much more. The buds that sprout into new species become COLLECTIVE psychic realities....

The Palestinians and Israelis are all moving towards a higher unity as they embrace themselves in an accelerating circle of violence. The translation and American publishing teams are such buds and where their sprouts branch off to will be terribly interesting. The Polish seminar idea was a shift in the wind. Any psychic collective reality is elastic and has duration and movement. Each bud has a life cycle with fast growth at the start and slow maturation at the finish. Both the American publishing and foreign translation teams have now reached a certain level of maturity. The next teams are now ready for launching. The money and promotion teams needed both in America and abroad.

Harvest and Forty Immutable Parables are Teilhardian tracts which explore multiple levels of sentient life even as they hurl haphazardly towards a vision of a higher psychic unity. In the evolutionary process each new bud eventually closes over itself and then more new buds repeat this evolutionary process. Biological embryos mature and create new embryos. Early stages of growth fade and vanish into the past. Childhoods are not remembered well. Buds are always mutating. The phylic tree of life always has an over-lapping design for prolonged and accelerated evolution.

Evolution must somehow be directed. It has a precise orientation and priviledged axis. Each new species usually has a more complex life. Modern science which is too scattered and compartmentalized dosn't understand this yet. Some evolutionary leaps on the phylic tree of life certainly become dead-ends. Spinal species with complex nervous systems had a critical pathway towards higher kinds of sentiency. Harvest and Forty Immutable Parables thus follow Teilhard's trajectory of complexity/consciousness to unheard of levels. The Forty Immutable Parables Calcutta chapter is a heavy Teilhardian work that goes beyond Teilhard. It deals even more deeply with psychic evolution and its dynamics beyond the current evolutionary state we're in....

The bold call for a conscious universe get's a miraculous hearing with Teilhard. In artistic terms Harvest of Gems and Forty Immutable Parables are both indeed literary mutations. These works are a cross between Kerouac, Castaneda, Salinger and Joyce. With Gurdieff, Teilhard, Toffler, and Mcluhan echoes thrown in, too. There are also cinematic influences from Kubrick, Eisenstein, Godard, and Lynch. These cinematic influences spice up a verbal work of more and more increasing prose/verse complexity. My work often reaches such complexity that it begins to have an echo of a more complex form of consciousness.

The first and second avante garde waves in writing and art were critical bi-furcation points in global cultural history. The buds from this latest literary sprouting are also nowhere close to maturing. In cultural history a recycling is always evident as new artistic sprouts have echoes and resonances of much older ones. There is a deep layering process which is well documented in the Ajanta chapter of Forty Immutable Parables.

In the first mock interview sent to the team Harvest got a McLuhan/Teilhard spin. By the second mock interview, the Teilhard spin got much more mature. You could say, the Harvest press release was just a Teilhard sound-bite.

Matter/mind seems to be always forming CONSTANTLY all over the universe. geo-genesis has led to bio-genesis and psycho-genesis is now leading to noo-genesis. All morphologies reach a critical bi-furcation point. Species with a more complex psychic life usually win out. Indeed it was the very birth of complex thought that radically accelerated evolution here on planet earth. Mind reflection was the key. It was the power of the human mind to ultimately turn in on itself that made this big difference.Like a powerful cross-mirroring process or a series of movies within movies humans took on this new process with really powerful effects. Art itself became a supreme kind of reflective process and bold marker of human evolution. You see, this seeing of one's own psychic paces generated a kind of FLASH that ultimately raised the human reflection vessel to a higher psychic level. Seeing the bigger life movie lets one jump into a bigger one. It's an infinite process and a psychic resource of last resort.

9/11 was a gift. it was the jolt that allowed the transition from one smaller mind movie to an even bigger one. Most people missed the point. They saw only an intensification of their smaller personal movies. A few people however caught a temporary glimpse of the bigger movie that was now suddenly emerging into full view. Inner life was creating a new and bigger center as it exploded into itself. We are still too caught up in the new 9/11 movie to see the bigger movie it's embedded in. That's how bigger mind worlds are born. Harvest and 2-ss are bigger and more powerful mind movies that force the reader to jump out of whatever smaller mind movie the reader is stuck in. Harvest and Forty Immutable Parables are both sci-fi and mind-fi adventures.

Psychic mirroring allows for the multiplication of cultural inventions and a system of psychic internal constructions. It's a regressive and infinite process. Mind movies that get bigger and bigger allow for more psychic freedom. The THRESHOLD of reflection was a critical evolutionary bifurcation point. It was indeed a MAJOR evolutionary cross-roads.

You see, different instincts come from different kinds of minds. More psychic heat generates more focus. More psychic focus generates more flip. More psychic flip generates a new mind leap. Tantra works a lot like that. New leaps release new information into the psychic enviornment. This information then needs to be coded and framed for the next mind heat and release. Add prayer and puja to the mindbody expansion and you then have a psychic and spiritual revolution. Consciousness BOILS OVER and LEAPS in its hot super-sensory enviornment. One could say that evolution is a kind of Teilhardian brain-storming. A tantric process par excellance....

It's just the hatching of the mind into bigger and bigger mind spaces in an upward spiral with necessary pauses. Multiple conditions over time generate the critical hatching. It's a powerful incubation process. Since my departure from Stockton last year I have been in some kind of constant incubation both on the central coast of California and in the Bay area . In Stockton the English paper-backs and the foreign translations were hatched after two years of incubation. What will be hatched now? Hopefully more English publications and also foreign publications along with the necessary financing to bring this all to quick fruition. This current incubation process has gone on longer than intended to everyone's deepening FRUSTRATION. OOPS!


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