David Lynch letter to Alex

David Lynch letter to Alex


I saw the latest movie from David lynch and it just struck me how much his film work is like mine and also how different. In " Mulholland Drive " like in his other movies. David Lynch looks at spacetime with an elastic prospective. This stretchs the mind and creates a certain internal freedom. But Lynch is not able to get beyond this vision. America is seen from a series of psychotic dislocations.. It's the view of the shizophrenic. Not the shaman. The shaman and the saint see spacetime as elastic too, but move forward towards a progressive psychic unification. Not a progressive psychic fragmentation.

Lynch uses his creative tools to to reflect honestly on the underside of America. It's an honest and critical vision, but my works use also many of Lynch's elastic spacetimes devices and besides making an honest reflection of the planet's underside. It moves on to a positive vision of the universe as a whole. It also makes positive aswell as negative observations about the inter-connections between human and non-human realms. Also between possible alien and human worlds.

Lynch is a social critic and experimental artist like myself, but he cannot get beyond the mind of the schizophrenic. He uses the shchizoprenic mind to explore alternate cognitive realities. I prefer to use the shamanic mind. This can sometimes lead to the world of the saints. Lynch's world cannot. There is a steady progression in my work from the playful and elastic spacetime of Little Monk to the increasingly unconventional and elastic spacetime of Harvest to the RADICAL and elastic spacetime of Two Short Stories. Now with distance and the help of David Lynch I can see the development arc of my art very clearly.

Like Lynch I like to cross-cut between different stories and spacetimes. This laberyinth art style is a favorite of mine and also Lynch, but the aims of this style are different for Lynch and me. I'm going for a more global and galactic kind of vision. Lynch stays in America and he and I occasionally meet in dreamtime. But Lynch is the artistic son of Salvador Dali. I am the artistic son of James Joyce and I'm using Joyce's spirit and techniques to get to where I want to go.

I have no idea whether Lynch is playing in Minsk, but see Mulholland Drive if you can. It stretches the mind and elevates the commercial pop world of hollywood to new and honest artistic heights. I'm aiming a little higher. My non-linear excursion is pointing to a strange new universal enviornment. But both Lynch and I both want the same thing: want both want more internal freedom.


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