The Second Harvest Interview

The Second Harvest Interview

Q: So what is this damn book about.

A: It's a noetic novel, probably the first one of the 21st century.

Q: What do you mean by noetic?

A: Noetic means " Mind " or " intuition " in Greek. This is a newly coined term for the explosion in consciousness research since the 1960's. You know everything from parapsychology to extra-terrestrial life. It's the mind over matter thing awakening in an age that has been hung up on matter for quite some time.

Q: Can you explain this further?

A: Yeah, it's the dawn of the modern re-discovery that there is sentiency in everything. In matter that is near, in matter that is far away. Just dial the knob on the psychic radio. Tune into plant vibrations, e-m vibrations, frequencis from outer-space, and from your grand-mother on the other side of the planet. The West is finally waking up to facts that any decent shaman worth his salt has known for quite sometime.

Q: This is interesting.

A: It's more than interesting. It's a Copernican revolution of the highest magnitude and it's been obscured by a lot of New Age bullshit.

Q: How did we get to this point?

A: Western civilization started disintegrating during the First World War. Quantum physics, electronic media, and the avante garde all started reflecting a reality that was far more complex than the mechanistic and reductionist universe most scientists were touting at the time. Reality began to be more uncertain and mind oriented. The idea of progress in a straight arrow was discredited. Slowly things began to be seen as more fragile than originally believed. Life had subtle interconnections which could easily be disrupted and the atomic world which was the foundation of all matter began to be seen then as a psychic process. This really blew alot of scientific minds. Einstein refused to accept this new reality. It was that shocking.

Q: What about later on in the century?

A: It was just more an acceleration of all this new stuff. The noetic revolution broke out in the 60's and it wasn't just Beats and Hippies exploring drugs and meditation. No. The U.S. space program also began stretching our ecological awareness with the powerful icon of Earth now seen from outer-space. Like an alien seeing our planet before landing on it. This was a radical new symbol with all kinds of religious implications.

Q: What about now?

A: The noetic revolution went mainstream in the 80's and 90's with the Yuppies and New Age crowd. There was alot of self-serving philosophical crap being thrown around. But people were being forced to see things from a more holistic point of view. CNN and the internet only confirmed this trend of a shrinking planet with ecological limits and a world population psychically being slowly and traumatically wired together by force. It was the beginning of the birth of a global mind. Maybe just it's uncovering. It was probably always there.

Q: This gives me goose-bumps.What do you see coming now?

A: The noetic revolution is going global. The Yopis or Yuppie-yogis are the stars of my book. They are exploring meditation in a serious way and they are leading the new social wave in the West. To the Yopis sentiency in all matter is a given. But NASA is also pushing ahead with the international space-station and now the digital world is going wireless. It's a game now of multiple frequencies and simply tuning into them without drowning in the noise. Frequencies which are also psychic despite what the hardcore materialists would want you to believe.

Q: How does all this tie into your book?

A: Harvest is a dream novel. It's a noetic movie. It's a remote-viewing adventure. It's an ecumenical parable. It's also a psychic thriller. These dimensions of Harvest hit what's going on in a radically new way. Any dream novel will have ESP qualities and ESP is the symbolic force of the future. We are talking about outer space and inner space fusing into a single continuum. The expansion of the mind space hints that vast galactic distances can be traversed using psychic means. It's a kind of mind teleportation. This is a really Buddhist idea.

Q: This sounds pretty far-out.

A: It's not. Just look at what's been happening the last four decades.The war between the old sensate, material establishment and the new wired, meditative counter-culture is just a symptom of what's coming. This necessary polarity has driven us to where we are now. There's nothing to really cry about. It's all unfolding quite nicely.

Q: But things don't look like this at all right now.

A: Really, look around you. The interest in the spiritual and the psychic is really exploding in the West even as diminishing returns for the material way of seeing things are starting to be seen by more and more people. We are pretty much all psychic consumers now. It's just that our psychic diet from the media is still pretty high in junk ideas and images.

Q: Do you mean there is an unseen psychic ecology that's getting trashed?

A: Yes. The pollution in the psychic ecology today is what's creating the disaster in the physical one we see all around us now. This is why we are totally out of balance. I really believe like the ancient rishis of India that all matter is psychic in origin. That's where we have to start seeing the source of all our problems. Whatever ugly rot there is in the subtle mind sphere that's where rot in the physical sphere originates from.

Q: All our problems start in our heads?

Yes. Our very brain pulses and the different wave-lengths they can tune into. That's what Harvest of Gems tries to track at it's deepest level. In meditation the gaps between the brain pulses are extended and then some profound quiet can be experienced if only for a moment. This is the final destination a wisdom civilization needs to ultimately get to.

Q: This is pretty radical. Tell me more about how Harvest depicts all this.

A: Everything in Harvest is about interrelated hierarchies in both nature and civilization. The structural patterns of these hierarchies remain invariant although the content within the hierarchies is always changing. This is what is so wild. Harvest uses reflective spirals of mind chatter that then suddenly shift and jump between these powerful hierarchies. This very dense kind of mind dance can generate all kinds of strange coincidences in every subsequent reading. New insights into different mind realms are opened and psychic consumption accelerates because psychic life becomes more predominant for the reader. The richer the psychic consumption the better off the reader is. A synergy starts to take effect. The whole of the reading experience is bigger and greater than the parts that compose the book. There is a door that's opened to a new kind of seeing and being.

Q: Is this a glimpse of the wisdom society you're talking about?

A: I'm trying to heal a split in the Western psyche. What comes out from this healing remains to be seen.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Religion and science converge in Harvest. When you see the planet from space like you do in Harvest. You start to see energy fields within energy fields. Systems of functioning within systems of functioning. It's the only approach left in town. You start to realize finally that no one part of the system can function at the expense of any other part of the system. All parts must then function harmoniously. 9/11 was a supreme example of this conflict of parts and the rigid beliefs attached to these parts. It was a kind of Giordano Bruno moment.

Q: What do you mean?

A: I mean Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Catholic church in the 16th century because he believed that the earth revolved around the sun and that there were other life forms on other planets. Subjective authority was clashing with objective facts and rival kinds of subjective speculations. One worldview felt it simply could not accomodate the other worldview. That's what happened recently on 9/11. A systems view can easily dispense with this conflict because material and religious views all have there place in the scheme of things.

Q: Tell me how the systems view operates in Harvest of Gems?

A: It's imbedded in its very structure. There's the physical pilgrimage from America to Asia. You see all kinds of micro and macro physical realms. You see the world as seen from a NASA spaceship. There are solar systems, planets, galaxies, and other outer-space phenomena. Then there are the noetic worlds. The micro and macro mind realms. Things like psychic vortices, dream states, spirit worlds, hallucinations, out of body experiences, telepathy between lovers far apart from each other. The mind spirals and shifts then dramatically connect all these phyical and non-physical worlds. The free-style pilgrimage of the narrator moves between all these worlds in a thrilling way while the synchronicity and synergy of the noetic story is the glue that holds everything miraculously together.

Q: Do the literary devices of Harvest reflect this mind-matter tapestry?

A: Absolutely. Mind and matter is seen from a million angles until the reader's soul is simply catapulted to new heights. As the reader moves from Europe to Asia the literary devices simply proliferate wildly. Stream of consciousness monologues, outer space shots, inner space shots, the traveler's absorbing word pictures, and story dialogue are joined by letters to secret guardian angels, surprising screenplay fragments, and unexpected messages from all kinds of modern communication devices. The karma starts to accelerate and there are tons of mind echoes rippling on all the levels of the hierarchies. The reader is transformed by this harsh and direct experience of cosmic sentiency. The entire universe simply and loudly says: hello! and things are never quite the same.

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