The First Harvest Interview

The First Harvest Interview

Q: So what are your books about?

A: Oh, they’re about everything and how to see everything.

Q: Wow, that’s quite a huge net.

A: Yeah, it is.

Q: What do you mean by how to see everything?

A: Well, you know. Everything’s happening so fast nowadays. That logic doesn’t really help us see much. I think it’s better to see and feel this speed-up in more intuitive ways.

Q: What do you mean by this?

A: Well, we need to look at all these things in a big picture kind of way. We need to put everything that’s going on inside a magic circle; and even if things don’t fit with each other well. At least they’re all together in this circle and we can then just look at the big mess with all its messy beauty; and start looking for links and relationships—even if we really can’t instantly see them.

Q: Can you give an example?

A: Yeah, sure. For instance in the Harvest of Gems books, especially the last two. The reader is forced to hop from one level of reality to the next with very little warning. But the hopping even though it’s abrupt is really a lot of fun. Things that don’t seem to have a lot of connections with each other are put next to each other and the result is often surprising. We start to learn something new about ourselves and our enviornments. It’s really a miracle.

Q: Can you please elaborate?

A: Yeah, in the third Harvest book, the characters in the chapters keep popping up in different forms through out the book. It’s like an echo process and the writing is multi-sensory. The reader sees, hears, smells, feels, and tastes everything on all kinds of levels. Like being in Calcutta, then suddenly being pushed into outer-space and then suddenly yanked again into inner-space.

Q: Wait a minute. What do you mean by inner-space?

A: I mean the subtle places like spirit realms. Demon hells, you know. And even different kinds of heavens.

Q: What’s all this weird kind of hopping for?

A: It’s because all these levels exist within our universe and they effect each other. I just want to capture them for a minute and put them all together inside the magic circle and let the reader feel the richness of all this complexity.

Q: Why do you want to do this?

A: Because this is what art does. It’s a kind of psychic insurance in a time of speedy confusion. It stabilizes the reader’s mind and prevents any kind of space-out from this sensory overload. You see, art captures everything for an instant and let’s the reader explore that complex instant over and over again. As much as is needed.

Q: This sounds pretty fascinating.

A: Yeah, it is. But my books also have a spiritual message. They thus give the reader even more insurance by forcing the reader to look into his or her heart and mind, you know. And seeing that that’s where we have to do all our spiritual work.

Q: What do you mean by spiritual work?

A: I mean that each and everyone of us needs to see that really looking at our hearts and minds allows us to see where we always trip ourselves up and that by then making life this perpetual kind of meditation we then manage to cleanse ourselves of bad thoughts and feelings by looking at them closely and feeling them. Seeing them and learning from them. It’s a really miraculous process.

Q: But what about God?

A: God’s around watching all this and so are all kinds of other higher forces. You see, we are not alone and when we really try to see ourselves this closely we get all the help we need. We all finally start to see how our thoughts and feelings effect everything around us and this is what the magic circle really shows us. How our minds and how our thoughts interact with everything around us in all kinds of good and bad ways.

Q: Is this magic circle like a kind of microscope?

A: Actually, it’s a microscope and a macroscope and many multi-scopes all rolled into one and what you see through them is always changing. You know it’s kind of fun and terrifying too. It’s like flying in your mind and also in every other mind that you encounter. My books show you how to do it without getting into too many psychic flying accidents. It’s a skill we all really need to learn now. That’s why I call it “ intuition on demand. “

Q: What’s that?

A: It’s learning to see and feel things all at once and then making decisions from this symultaneous seeing and feeling. It’s really great when you get the knack of it.

Q: Have your own meditations within the magic circle given you an intuitive vision of where we’re going?

A: Yeah, but it sounds like science fiction. I think a global mind is being born.

Q: Can you elaborate on that?

A: Yeah, it’s like all the different kinds of media since the first world war have been kind of accumulating and allowing the collective conscious to self-reflect in a collective way more and more.

Q: Can you explain this more clearly?

A: Yeah, it’s like every individual because he or she can think and write. He or she can jump out of himself or herself and see himself or herself from a new angle. It’s like seeing a movie of yourself. Well, all the new media, movies, radio, TV, and the web allow us all to jump out of ourselves collectively. We’re starting to see a global movie of ourselves more and more on a daily basis. But we don’t know what this new movie means. In fact, we can’t even really see ourselves seeing this global movie very clearly yet. It’s still a novel idea. The experience still hasn’t been integrated yet into our confused and overloaded minds.

Q: This is interesting. Can you tell me more about this vision of yours?

A: It’s not really a vision yet. It’s more like opening a door into a dark room and lighting a match and seeing a few vague shapes and trying to connect them. It’s like there’s been this progressive series of psychic big bangs since the First World war and each shock has been then recorded by more and more new media while each new shock is also being experienced by more and more people. This has created a bigger and more intrusive global movie for all of us to watch regardless of whether we wanted to participate in this new movie or not.

Q: What’s been the end result of all this?

A: We don’t really know yet. This collective self-reflection is possibly leading to a global mind being born. All of us watching this unfolding global movie are really just this global mind being slowly born. This process is probably causing a lot of collective anxiety right now. Especially since the big news bang of 9/11.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Well, the contents of this global movie keep changing. The psychic big bangs are like birth contractions. Hiroshima, Auschwitz, the Cuban missile crisis, Dallas, the Moon walk, the view of the earth from space, the fall of the Berlin wall, the collapse of the USSR, the Gulf war, and now 9/11. These shocks are all pushing the global mind out of its fetal stage.

Q: You mean our global mind is like a baby?

A: Yeah, it’s very Kubrick-like this new scenario. Once this baby is born. What will it do once it recognizes its powers? What kind of education will this baby get as it grows up and what will the content of this education be? Can this baby meditate and self-reflect outwardly to other parts of the universe? Can this global mind baby see even bigger movies?

Q: This sounds like science fiction.

A: Well, it didn’t really start this way. I was interested at first in discovering the essence of the spiritual path during my travels, but when I started to do a few global pilgrimages and I met many great spiritual masters and experienced their great psychic powers. I naturally started putting two and two together. I also studied the history of the media as a university student. And you see this global mind baby is just taking its first baby steps right now and it barely recognizes that it even exists. Most human babies are like that too. They have no clue to their full potential. They have to learn about it slowly.

Q: This is a really awesome stuff.

A: Well, this global mind baby is still feeling the dissonance of its birth. All of us make up make up this global mind baby. The fetal stage is probably ending and the birth contractions are coming on faster and faster now. The confusion we’re all feeling is the unfamiliarity of this new enviornment and our basic ignorance of its new evolutionary rules.

Q: We’re still in the dark I guess. But what could happen?

A: Well, let’s say enough people don’t want terrorism to spread anymore. This kind of civilizational illness could be stopped in its tracks if enough people that make up the global mind just said “ NO “ to the whole thing. Then it would simply cease like cancer is sometimes mentally stopped by a few really spiritually gifted people when it invades their bodies. I’ve seen this happen with cancer patients who had strong minds and also with spiritual masters who have great healing powers. It’s all in our minds.

Q: Wow, thank you so much.

A: You’re welcome....

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