Teilhard de Chardin and Harvest of Gems

Teilhard de Chardin and Harvest of Gems

Dear Team:

It's time to go on now beyond Alvin Toffler and Marshall McLuhan and talk about Harvest's relation to Teilhard de Chardin. Toffler talked about three waves of civilization: agricultural, industrial, and digital. McLuhan talked about various evolutions of media and how they created a global village nowadays. But it is Teilhard de Chardin which speaks to us now. Teilhard was a Jesuit anthropologist who saw the earth evolving into a psychic entity.

Teilhard lived through both world wars and was a visionary of the highest caliber. Harvest of Gems and Forty Immutable Parables talks about the birth of Teihard's psychic planet as the Cold War ends and the demographic and ecological time bomb facing us becomes unmasked. The Cold War was a sort of a sham. It was small compared to the two world wars before it. But the game of nuclear chicken masked the real time bomb facing the planet. Also the layer of psychic skin it was growing to make itself fully aware of this impending danger.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 were a very Teilhardian moment. They were the shock that is helping our planet wake-up. Not unlike Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Harvest of Gems and Two Short Stories go beyond Tofflerite observations. They start moving heavily into Teilhardian territory. They have no where else to go.

Teilhard saw evil as simply the growing pains of disorder towards a higher state of unity and real order. A spiritual order. World wars, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation were merely bumps on the road. The internet, the global media and the push to the Noosphere were the real game being played. A sheet of psychic skin was being created by the new McLuhan information and media technologies. This was the Noosphere. Which was different from the physical atmosphere.

Shocks on the way to the world psychic membrane were part of this course. Towards an Omega point of planetary inter-connectivity. These higher levels of planetary interconnection were the key to the future evolution of the human race. Subtler and more powerful psychic inter-connectivity would lead to a bigger and deeper union of humans. Thus the global shocks were the growing pains towards this psychic fusion of unused power. This powerful upsurge was brought about by more people bumping into one another and proliferating their contacts and connections thus releasing evermore this feeling of common force and also common anxiety.

The Harvest project has been a miniature version of what's happening to the whole planet. Your letters to me after September 11 proved this to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. Will our planetary membrane finally be able to start communicating with other planetary and galactic membranes? I think it's really already happening....

More complexity always brings more awareness. We cannot go back to a simpler time. Our " Atlantean " origins are still with us. They are propelling us through our current troubles towards a higher and more unified form of awareness once more. Recorded history as we know it has been a mere bump on this road. The solutions to our problems are imbedded inside our problems because that's where the new hidden planetary power is dwelling and is being now released.

It's important to step back and see this clearly. This is what my work is all about.


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