Ginger Smudge : Manifesto

Ginger Smudge : Manifesto
for The World Translation Family

Ginger Smudge is a dream creature that lives at night. He sleeps during the day. He has all kinds of friends in the DREAMTIME. They are colored things and also other things. The five colored dream worlds are based on Tibetan Buddhist categories of psychic energy. But Ginger Smudge is more than just a story about how to use mind energy.
It's a story about opening one's heart to universal compassion. it's a spiritual work that start's as a psychic journey. Ginger Smudge is speaking a universal language and is also a universal symbol.
Children from ALL cultures have enjoyed Ginger Smudge! Black, White, Yellow, brown, and every color
in between. Ginger Smudge has green skin! Noone can accuse him of being a racist!

Please be cautious when translating American Slang...

l.) REALLY COOL has nothing to do with temperature. it means: GREAT, NEAT, SUPER...

Ex: Tan suave/tan bueno in Spanish. NOT tan frio!


3.) OUTTA THIS WORLD is VERY UNUSUAL/EXTRAORDINARY....find the best slang word in YOUR language.

That's it! Happy Dreaming....


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